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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sweetest Natalee

My sweetest Natalee,

You are two and a half years old today. It seems like only yesterday that we were having your second birthday! Wow, how time flies. You are such a joy to my heart, and I have loved being your mommy. You are definitely full of energy, non-stop from the moment you wake up! You wear a size 7 shoe, the shoes we bought you for Easter no longer fit! You are a tall little thing, measuring right at 36 inches and weighing about 28 pounds. We have moved to 3T clothing. The 2T clothing just doesn't fit you right; too short of a shirt and too short in the pant length! The waist and shoulder lines in the 3T stuff don't fit you quite right either, but it won't be long. You love going to Bible class and learning about Jesus. This makes your mommy and daddy so happy. You have such personality! Everyone who meets you agrees. You are really excited about your baby brothers. You rub my belly and give them kisses and pray for them all the time. You are such a sweet girl. You love Dora the Explorer and Ariel, or anything mermaid. You are having very few accidents these days (never potty, always poop). You are very smart and have a vocabulary bigger than most 5 year olds I believe. You can count to twelve every time and sometimes all the way to seventeen. You are doing very well on recognizing your letters and your numbers. You know that your name starts with a "N." You love to swing, dance and twirl. You are very girly. You love to sing the songs off of the movie, "The Little Mermaid." Daddy and Mommy are working with you on the concept of sharing. You have friends your age that you love to play with, your favorite at the moment is sweet Lincoln. You love babies; especially Baby Joey and Baby Ali. I am sure we will be adding your brothers to this list very soon. You still take a good afternoon nap. You are very strong-willed, but very sweet natured as well. You do not like being put in time out, and it doesn't have to happen very often. You love talking about going to the beach, the mountains and fishing. You really love to blow bubbles all by yourself. You love anything and everything about princess'. You are starting to get to the question phase. You really love your daddy. Every day when you wake up, you ask where he is at. You know that he works at Boys Ranch and that mommy works with Natalee. You love to eat, but you don't like tomatoes (unless they are from Grumps garden!). You really like green beans, chicken and macaroni and cheese. You love to learn new things, and soak everything in. You love going to the park and getting pink snow cones. You still suck your thumb while holding the ladybug blanket that Grammie bought you when you were born. You love to wear bows and you love getting new shoes. You want your toe nails painted at all times. You really like BOZ (a Christian cartoon). You play well by yourself, if we can convince you to do it. You are a mommy's girl if you are sick or hurt, and a daddy's girl the rest of the time. You love bath time, although here lately, you've been asking to just take a "quick shower." You make us laugh all the time. You love reading books to your babies and having books read to you. You are now wanting to sit in a big girl chair instead of your highchair. You do not like to have food on your hands, they must be all the way clean after a meal. You also don't like your hair to be in your face. You love all fruit. You love eating Dora cereal. We love you and you mean the world to us.

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