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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 3

Ok, I have made it three days, which is three days longer than I thought I would be able to stand it. ;) Today was a fun day of bed rest, because I actually got to help and watch a project for the boys room be completed! First of all, the paint is done! I really love how it turned out, and think it is going to be more than perfect in there. Secondly, this nursery has been in my head since I found out we were expecting our first child, in 2009. If it was a boy, I fell in love with this pirate bedding! I pictured the walls, the decor, the sails...it was perfect! Then, we had a little girl, who is perfect and amazing...and has the cutest ladybug bedroom in Amarillo. Here's a few snapshots from when her nursery was still a nursery! Now, she has a toddler bed and other big girl things, but she will always be my baby.
So, as you know pirates are the theme, and I really wanted sails above each boys' crib. I wasn't sure if I wanted them painted on, or done with fabric, or hung on a curtain rod...but I knew I wanted them! So, my mom and I thought about it, and she came up with a great idea!! So, here's a little step by step in case you are needing sails anytime soon!
First, we bought dowel rods. Super cheap and 5 in total. The rods going vertical are a little thicker, since that is our mast. We secured them together with pipe cleaners for the time being. I also painted them with brown paint. Yay, a job for me to do while on bed rest, yes please!!

Next, we cut the pattern for the sails out of newspaper. Being that this is a pirate theme, uneven, imperfect and ragged was exactly the look we were going for. It made this project so much easier. If you were doing more of a sailor theme, you'd probably want to be more exact and have crisp lines instead. :)
Then, we cut our fabric and decided where to put what. This was a fun step because you got to see it all coming together. We got most of this fabric at JoAnns and the rest I already had due to the embroidery machine.  One thing I love about the bedding is there are a ton of different fabrics and patterns. Nothing is really structured or orderly. We kind of followed this same design when picking out fabric.
Finally, we hung it up above the crib. We also made a flag for the top, with each of their initials in old english cursive. This is Barrett's crib! We literally threw the sails up there on one tiny nail, just so we could see the finished product, but it will be taken down and lowered some and secured better. We also added some patches and buttons to the sails to give it a more worn look. We didn't hem any of the fabric or cut it straight or anything, which works great for this room! I am so very happy with the end results!! I can't wait to see my boys in their cribs.

Here's a close up of the most adorable pirate bedding you've ever feasted your eyes upon! I have been in love with this since 2009! I am so excited to be bringing two boys into this world! I also love the fact that there just so happens to be two pirates on the bedding, it was meant to be! The sails we made were inspired from the sails on the quilt. I really love this bedding, but I will shut up about it now.

So, here is the room thus far. Two cribs, two sails, painted walls, an amazing treasure chest, new blinds, and freshly vacuumed carpet. I am uber excited to get the rest put together! Wooden plank names and curtains are the next thing on my bed rest to do list!

Oh yeah, forgot one of the best parts of today. My husband and sweet little girl made me breakfast in chair! Pancakes and bacon! Natalee helped her daddy and brought the plate and syrup to me all by herself. I am truly blessed with the best!

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