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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, June 11, 2012

26 Weeks

Here is my picture at 27 weeks, being on bed rest, I forgot to actually snap one at 26 weeks.
So, here's a comparison of my pregnancy with Natalee and now with the boys! Definitely pregnant with twins! I thought I was huge when I was pregnant with Natalee, not even close! LOL I am measuring 34 weeks along. No wonder I feel so tired and worn out! Ever since being on bed rest, the dizzy spells have pretty much stopped, so that is a plus. The doctor said it was due to low blood pressure. The last time I went, it was 89/52, and I was definitely feeling dizzy. I am just glad to know the reason for it.
Today my mom leaves. It's always a sad day when that day comes along. First off, because she is super awesome and takes over Natalee. She always gives us such a nice break. She loves bathing Natalee and putting the lotion on her after wards. She loves rocking her and singing to her before bed. She just plain loves her...and the feeling is mutual. Secondly, when she is here, I get crap done. She is motivation for me! I know she will help in the boys room, which is my main focus for some strange reason right now! Ha! Lastly, I just like her. She's pretty great. I don't know how many times we've laughed until we cried, about the most random stuff. We've redecorated every room in my house, usually staying up way past two or three in the morning to get it all done. She always buys chocolate donuts, and wants them all for herself, so we have to sneak them. Shhh, don't tell her I told you. I just plain love her and love spending time with her.
Tomorrow will be my first "real" day of bed rest. Jeremy and my mom will be gone. Natalee will be headed to VBS until noon. Let's hope it passes quickly. I am sure these first few weeks will fly by because I am not used to having much down time or alone time, but I bet I hit a wall at some point pretty quickly! Speaking of VBS, here is the cutest lion art you have ever seen! When I asked her what it was, she said, "It's a lion and it didn't eat Daniel! An angel shut it's mouth!" She was super excited to tell me all about it. I love her heart and that it is being filled with Jesus. Our church really is amazing.
Natalee is doing so well with the whole bed rest thing. This is not how I envisioned my last couple months with my sweet girl, so there are many times where I get emotional, and have to remember that I am doing what's best for all of my children. There is a constant struggle. I can't bathe my sweet girl, or pick her up when she is hurt, or go upstairs with her craft up a storm. So many changes and it all happened so quickly. She is understanding, as much as a two year old can be. She really is so sweet. I love her. Today, we watched Monsters Inc. She liked it ok, but is such a Dora fan, she kept talking about watching that instead. We don't watch much TV. We only have netflix, and I love that. She used to get to watch two episodes of something every day, now that I am on bed rest, I am trying to not let it be more than four episodes a day. I hate when children are babysat by the TV. Right now, we have to do what we have to do.
What was the best part of my day, you ask? Let me tell you. The hubs made a strawberry shortcake...and surprised me with it! I am a die hard for some shortcake. It was delicious. One of the major down falls to bed rest...I am probably going to gain about 100 pounds! All of this yummy food + no movement = weight gain. Oh well, I still ate it...and would have had more if I hadn't thought about the equation above!
Well, I guess that is the update. I go back on Thursday, just for a quick check of the cervix. Please continue to pray.

Today I go back to the doctor at 9:30. We are really hoping for no changes. I had quite a few contractions yesterday, so I am a little nervous as to what they may say.
Well, back from the doctor, and good reports all around!! The contractions are fine, they did send me to the hospital for monitoring though. I was having contractions that I couldn't feel, but they weren't worried about them, so I am not going to be either. There is no change in my cervix since Thursday! Thank the good Lord above! That is the best news that we can get right now! Aiden, who is lowest in the womb is still WAY up there.
The bed rest rules got to change a little bit. I can get up for about 10-15 minutes an hour. I can stretch, shower (which I have been doing in like 3.3 seconds!), put something in the microwave or oven, and just plain walk around. I have never been so excited for 10-15 of freedom in my life. I am so glad to at least get a little bit of breathing room. These boys are just being "boys" already! You know, not following the rules, being tough for their mommy...you know, the things that little boys do. LOL!  We go back for a sonogram on the 22nd. I am hoping that both boys will weigh over three pounds, or be very close to it. We shall see.

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