Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Leaned Back

   So, today...well, I stayed in bed, or the couch or our new recliner. Pretty simple. We decided to go ahead and buy the recliner we were wanting for the boys room and put it in our living room for the time being, so I will have another place to sit. Great plan, except we hadn't gone recliner shopping yet. We had looked at a few places, but still had a couple more places on our list to check out. I didn't want a huge recliner, really more of a nursery chair. Actual nursery chairs are priced so high, and the ones that I could find that would rock were $500 and over. So, I settled for a small recliner instead. My amazing husband went out on the journey to find the perfect chair. A journey it was indeed. First, he went to Sams, found one that he thought I would like, and brought it home. After putting it together (luckily it is only two steps), I hated it. I really didn't like the scale of it. It was much bigger than what I had planned in my head. I know that I have the greatest husband around, because he didn't hesitate to pack it all back up and return it to the store. I really love him, and usually not just for his muscles. Before I was put on bed rest, we had found one that I liked at Big Lots. I forget about that store a lot, but when I remember it, I really love to go in there! I wanted to see what the chair looked like again before making my husband drive across town, buy another recliner, and then have to return it all the same. So, I went with him. I reclined the passengers seat, went straight in the store, and reclined in the chair. I don't think I broke the rules. The one that I had previously seen was there and then there was another chair that we hadn't seen. We sat in them, trying to decide which one we liked better. About twenty minutes later, we had made our decision. They were also having a Father's Day sale, so the recliner was $30 cheaper too. I went and waited in the car while the chair was loaded. We took it home, did the two step recliner dance, and then I sat my booty in it. I really like it, like a lot. It is so much easier to rock Natalee in. My arms don't feel near as heavy and tired! I think we made the right choice. I have been enjoying the new leaned back position as well.
   For dinner, Jeremy swung through one of our favorite chinese food places, King and I. We got Pad Thai and Chicken Fried Rice. It was so yummy. My mom hates all foods textured, so chinese food is usually off the list...but she loves this place! It was actually her suggestion, and we didn't argue.

Dinner is served! Fried rice and fresh strawberries, on a tray with flowers. The flowers were bought by Aunt Allison, it was so nice of her to do that. When I posted this picture on FB, I joked that I had asked for sunflowers, but all they brought me were roses. Little joke. Sometimes I have to rub in the fact that they are my "servants," doctors orders! LOL Either way, it was yummy.
   We spent most of this day adjusting to what bed rest really meant for us. We brought our TV from upstairs in the family room to our downstairs living room, which then required rearranging the living room...and turned into rearranging the dining room as well. It was exhausting to watch how hard they had to work!
   Natalee is still trying to figure out why mommy can't hold her and why mommy isn't giving her a bath sometimes. We've tried explaining it to her as best as we can, but there's only so much she can understand. I have tried to be very loving with lots of hugs and kisses. She sits with me in the new recliner and we can watch a movie or two. We've colored together. I made her busy buckets (the day before I was put on bed rest, so glad I started on them when I did!). I didn't get near the buckets done that I wanted too, but I did get an ocean theme bucket done. This bucket is full of things from the ocean, which she is really in to right now. Mermaids, whales, turtles, dolphins, sharks, etc and she can take them with her to the tub. She has really enjoyed this bucket the most. She loves mermaids! She is obsessed with Ariel and will be a mermaid for halloween (yes, I have already thought that far ahead!). I also bought beads that she can place in to an empty water bottle, and then dump out and start again. This one will take some practice, but it's still really good for her fine motor skills. I also bought some pipe cleaners and let her have the dish strainer to see what she would do. This kept her busy for around 20 minutes, so I call that a success. I found the idea on pinterest, and it is a lot of fun. She cooked "noodles" and made a "flower pot" as well. Cheap entertainment at its best!
That pretty much sums up day number two. Another day of womb time, so this mommy is happy.

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