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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dora Mermaid

So, if you know my daughter at all, you know that two of her favorite things are Dora the Explorer and mermaids. My husband and I made a trip to Target a while back and found a Dora doll that IS a mermaid. It was like it was meant to be.
We are still in the middle of potty training. She has the potty part down, but the pooping part, not so much. She hasn't had an accident in I don't know how long though. She isn't even two and a half, so I am super proud of her. The hardest part has definitely been getting her to poop in the potty. This is because she is quiet when she first wakes up. When she wakes up in the morning or from her nap, she can easily lay in her bed for another 20-30 minutes before she will get up and let me know she is even awake. Well, this is where the poop happens. That little stinker, literally, will either poop in the morning or right after nap, before I even know she is awake. So, this has been a real struggle. I close her door completely at nap and we do have a monitor on, but she is quiet. Anyway, when we saw the Dora mermaid, we knew that this would be her reward for pooping on the big girl potty.
We've been talking about Dora for about three weeks now. She is so excited to get to play with her and hold her and take her to the bath tub, but not excited enough to make the connection about not pooping after nap time. Potty training can be so frustrating, but I have just let her do her own thing. Every time I change her after nap (she only wears diapers at bed times...maybe I need to just switch to panties?), we talk about how if she would have pooped in the potty, she could have had Dora. We talk about how proud mommy and daddy will be. We talk about how we can call Grammie and tell her all about it. She is always so excited, but still poops before I know she's up.
Well, today...she pooped in the potty! She earned her Dora mermaid and is probably the most happy girl in all of Texas. I am one proud mommy too. It was still after her nap, but she came straight out of her room after waking up. I asked her if she had poop in her diaper and she said "no." A little time passed and I hear some sort of grunting start up. I shout, "Let's go to the big girl potty, don't poop in your panties." Sure enough, we got there, and she pushed that poop right out. So, this lets me know that she is ready to be fully potty trained and that this mommy needs to get in gear about the wake up times so I can catch her before it happens. One thing I have learned about potty training is that you can't be lazy and consistency is the key. Being on bed rest now, has made it a little harder to jump right up as soon as I know she's awake to try and prevent an accident. My fault. The good news, she pooped today. We were excited today. We hugged and kissed and cheered today.
One day at a time. I know she will not go off to college still pooping after nap (and if she does, it will just keep the boys away! LOL), but I am really hoping that she is fully potty trained by the time the boys arrive! Fingers crossed!
Enough of that crap....LOL!


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