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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, June 29, 2012

Boys Ranch Baby Shower

My husband works for a great company...a company that wants to throw the "man and his family" a shower. That is SO fun to me. The people he works with do know me...from the annual Christmas party and a few luncheons and such. The fact that they wanted to throw our family a shower shows you the kind of people he works with and for. They planned it on a Friday, and Natalee and I drove out to Boys Ranch (about 40 miles one way...yes, he drives that every day), around 3. They had it set up so cute!
The cake was SO cute! I loved how they served the punch out of a sand bucket! The food was awesome and the people were so nice! We got a lot of great gifts! We came home with a car load of diapers and wipes, lots of washes and lotions and a few clothes and goodies. We are so blessed to have the people in our lives that we do. People who care. People who love. People who do.

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  1. how sweet of them! cute cake! I bet you're excited for the little pirates to be here! lol