Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

We were very excited to have an extra day to our weekend with our daddy being home. He has recently started a new job (no more long drives out to Boys Ranch!) and this was his first time to get to be off. We enjoyed a nice family weekend, nothing too special. A lot of time was spent outside, including a fun trip to the zoo. On Monday, zoo admission is free, so that was an added bonus. We also had my brother and his fiancé and our great friends Chris and Kaylee over for a cookout and game playing. I am sad that I didn't think to snap any pictures of the cookout! Here are a few pictures from our Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all who served, past, present and future. This day is really all about you and we appreciate your service and dedication.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Graduation Weekend

So, my baby brother was pinned on Friday, May 9th, in paramedicine. I am  SO proud of him! He has worked so hard an has so many degrees! He continues to work as an EMT in Dalhart, 2 days (24 hour shifts) a week. He now lives here in Amarillo and just bought a house with his soon-to-be wife in July. I am so excited for them and this new journey! She has officially moved here as well (she was in Lubbock) and has gotten a job as a pediatric nurse at BSA. We started this crazy weekend off with Drew's pinning in Amarillo and ended it in Austin, for my sister's graduation. Yea, tons of driving! Here are a few pictures from Drew's pinning.
After the pinning ceremony was over, we got in the car and loaded up for the long drive to Austin. Yes, it was 9:30 at night. We had plans to drive at least to Abilene and to then get up the next morning and finish the drive to Austin, in time for a graduation party that they were throwing for my sister. We rolled in to Abilene around 3am to find out that EVERY hotel was booked. How does that even happen? Oh yes, now I know, because it just so happens that graduations everywhere kinda take place at the end of May. Oops. Travel fail. So, we get on our phones and start calling the next towns to see just how much farther we will have to go before we can call in a night. We found a hotel and it was only an additional 45 minute drive or so. It was a long day and we were all happy to be some place that had a comfy bed. No, really, that hotel had the best bed I had ever slept in!
The morning came, all to soon, and we were off to finish the 2 hour-ish drive to Andrea's parents house. We made it, just a little late and were welcomed with tons of fajitas, friends and family. It was great. For those of you who don't know, I have just been reunited with my sister (it is a beautiful adoption story) about 3 years ago. So, we got to meet all of her family, friends and see where she grew up. It was so special! To top it off, it was also her birthday AND Mother's Day, just like the day she was given up for adoption. What is the likelihood that 30 something years pass by and the first birthday we get to take part in, is set up exactly like her real "birth" day? God is so good. His love is definitely shown throughout the whole story. Anyway, so graduations, birthdays, mother's day, it was a weekend to remember, for sure. Here are a few pictures from Andrea's graduation, who by the way, graduated with her Bachelors in Nursing. I am surrounded by the medical field!
Andrea with her parents, Debbie and Monty.
Andrea with her husband (Jason) and three children, Kelson, Jacee and Bear.
Myself, Andrea and Drew.
Almost a picture of all of us! My husband and twin boys stayed behind in Amarillo.
It would have been too much driving in too little of time for them.
Andrea and my Mom.
Andrea, with the mom who gave her life and the mom who raised her.
Mother's Day 2014
Yep, this pretty much sums us up.

We are blessed.