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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Yay for a long weekend, but even more importantly, thank you to everyone who has served our country! What a great place we live in!
We celebrated the long weekend with a camping trip to Boise City, OK with my parents. This is not Natalee's first camping trip, we took her when she was about 6 months old to Ute Lake, also on Memorial Day weekend, and last year we went for about a week and a half to San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi. There will be LOTS more camping in her future. This is what my family loves to do and is also how we have been able to afford to go to all of the fun places we have been. I don't plan on changing this tradition one bit, and am glad that I married someone who also enjoys the outdoors. Ok, back to this trip! Natalee was SO excited to get the tent up. She couldn't wait to go inside of our "house." She has been talking about going to the mountains (we are going to Pagosa Springs, CO in July) and fishing with Grumps for about the last month or so. I probably shouldn't have told her our plans quite so early! LOL As soon as the "house" was up, she was in it. Dancing and twirling and all those other things that you definitely must do as a two year old princess who just entered her castle. The first night, we got settled in (on our new awesome air mattress!) and Grammie made some dinner. Natalee got her own "fancy restaurant" table all to herself. She thought she was pretty cool...and obviously, fancy. Love that little girl.
The next day, we enjoyed survived the 100 mph winds. It was awful! We did get out for a little while to let Natalee play in the sprinkler. Unfortunately, there isn't really much of a lake left at this lake due to a leak in the dam, that they never got fixed. So, we helped water the grass instead. She had fun grabbing the octopus' arms and spraying people...hence the ornery face in the picture. We got out a tarp, and it kind of made the water pool up. She had fun playing with her princesses in the swimming pool. We stayed out in the wind as long as we could, and then headed back to my parents fifth wheel to get out of it. The wind blew 3 out of the 4 days we were there...Parker luck, I swear. Oh well, it was still nice to get away.
Now, if you know my family at all...we are animal lovers. The kind where the animals don't actually realize that they are in fact...an animal. So, it goes without saying that they would all come along too. If you have ever seen Homeward Bound, you will love this picture all the more. The black dog is Maggie, my parents 15 year old, the white dog is Crockett, our 4 1/2 year old queensland heeler, and the little gray spot a bit in front of them...is who I call Triple Fat (yes, it is my parents cat...whose real name is Smokey). They definitely have the same personalities as Shadow, Chance and Sassie from the movie...kind of makes me want to watch it right now! I can't believe my parents take their cat camping...now I have seen everything. We have a cat, actually named Sassie...who would be appalled to have to "rough it." We aren't bringing her anywhere!
It was along this walk (pictured above) that Natalee fell on the pavement and got her first knee owies. It was a big ordeal. She milked those little scratches for the next two days. Daddy cleaned her knees, medicated her knees and bandaged her knees...all for her to say, "it's still not better!" She walked like a knocked-kneed person, moaning and groaning with each step...proclaiming, "I can't walk, hold me Grammie!" Wow, do I have a spoiled sensitive little girl. Here's the picture of the damage done. I swear there were two half inch scratches under there! LOL
On the last evening we were there, the wind died down, and it was finally perfect camping weather. A huge storm rolled through, we were even out of electricity for a while, and a gorgeous double rainbow appeared. We cooked out on the fire. Natalee helped shuck the corn, we are straight from the farm, I know. She loved pulling all of the "hair" off of it. I think she actually did better than me! We had steak (cooked perfectly of course) to go along with it. We sat out and watched the stars, sang some song and had smores of course. Natalee used her imagination, and turned the empty coke box into a camper for her princesses. This was all good and gravy, until the "door" broke.
We had a great weekend. It was very relaxing, minus the camper trying to flip over because of the wind. I don't have any pictures of my dad or my husband, because they were out exploring the entire time! They went on a 6 mile hike one day and another long-ish hike the next day. I could barely go down the stairs without feeling tired, so the girls stayed at the campsite and just hung out.
I am pretty sure that Natalee picked every single "princess flower" at the campsite! Every time she would go outside, off she would go to pick more flowers. She loved passing them out to my mom and I...and then taking them back. She collected quite a few by the end of the weekend. Here she is with yet another "vase" full! For whatever reason, she really wanted the "vase" balanced on her knee and of course Molly the Mermaid had to be in the picture. She loves that mermaid!
Hope you all had a great memorial weekend too! :)



  1. Haha! YOur daughter sounds like such a hoot to have around! Love the last picture of the bottle on her knee! It looks like SO much fun going camping, I'm hoping we can go yet this summer with a newborn!

    1. She is a hoot and a half! I hope you get out with that new baby girl too!! :)