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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

School Bells

So, Natalee started "school" today, out at Boys Ranch, where my hubby works. There is a daycare available for employee children only. We decided now would be a  good time to enroll her. She can make some new friends (only 3 other kiddos are in her class), eat lunch with her daddy, and give mommy a day to herself for the time being. She is only going once a week, I don't know if I could bare being away from her sweet angel face more than that. This will also be great when the boys arrive. I will have at least one day with just the two of them. All in all, I think it is a great decision.
She was so excited to go to school, especially with her daddy. He checked in on her through out the whole day, and called me to update. I missed that little stinker.

When she got home, I asked her how her day was....it went something like this: "Miss Lynn had to tell me no ma'am (while pointing and shaking her finger). A person pushed me and had to sit in time out (true story, bruise under her right eye). I colored a lion, nope, a tiger (brought home a tiger mask she had made). I had cereal for snack (apple jacks, daddy saw her eating). I didn't want to go down the big slide by myself. I played with babies."
I think that pretty much sums up her first day of school. Even though it was sad to see her go, I really did enjoy running all the errands that I needed too, without the loading and unloading of the cute kid. Not to mention my back loved me a whole lot more too. This big oh belly is well....big!
On my first day off, I....got a haircut, bought some new maternity clothes, ran to the UPS store, cleaned the van (like dusted, everything out, vacuumed), tried to take some newborn photos for a friend, but the baby was not having it, went to the grocery store (and could think straight), got me some food that I had really been wanting...and came home exhausted and took a little snooze. I think I might need to keep Natalee home, just SO I don't do that much! I had a great day, and only thought of her four seventy times. Today daycare, tomorrow kindergarten, next week...college.

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