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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So PINteresting

Well, it's Wednesday again...and time for another PINteresting post! In case you missed the last post about it, these are just a few of my favs on pinterest that I plan on doing, when time and cost allow!
THIS makes me so happy. I only have about sixty ten of these lovely storage totes in our garage, and I love all of them. What I don't like is trying to find the ONE that I am looking for (even though they are labeled) in our jumbled mess of a garage. I have tried stacking them, but it never fails, the one I need is on the bottom! SO irritating! I came across this beautiful mess and I plan on implementing this in our garage, once we can actually walk in there. I am pretty sure the show Hoarders is right around the corner for us and our garage...but I swear I have a good explanation for all of it! I can't wait to clean it out. We've been slowly cleaning out our house, and anything we didn't want, we've been throwing in the garage to prepare for a garage sale. So, needless to say....our garage is crap. But one day, I will walk in there and it will be organized...and this little system will be staring me straight in the face. Here's the link:

These are the most adorable things I have ever seen. They are created from an old t-shirt. I read through the blog, and it didn't seem that complicated. The other way big bonus...you can wear it as a super cute bracelet! So these are perfect for people with our without kiddos. I kinda want to make a feet pair for me. I think they would look cute at the pool or the beach....not that I will be seeing much of either with this big ol' belly this summer! I kid, I kid....the water will feel amazing and I will feel light...two YAY's for the price of ONE! Anyway, read the blog...fall in love...and cut up some t-shirts! Here's the link:
This is such a smart idea! I love focusing on the good that children do, and not the bad. I want to get this made pretty quickly. I know we are constantly trying to focus on the good choices that Natalee makes. There are days that I wish she would make a lot more of them, but she is a two year old ya know. As parents, we try to give her the decision making skills that she will need as she grows. When she is in a tizzy, we will give her two choices: "Natalee, you can either pick up the blocks and put them in the bucket like mommy asked you to, OR you can sit in time out for not using your ears to listen. Which choice are you going to make?" 8 out of 10 times, she's ready to make the right choice and carry on with our day. I'd love to have a little treat for her and commend her on her good decision. The problem I see with this idea is finding the balance or limit for the treats. Will she get a treat every time? Do I set a certain number per day? Do I only use it in crazy tantrum times? In any situation, I think it is still a great idea. Oh, and this doesn't just have to be filled with candy either! Stickers, pencils, rings, dollar store raid...imagine the possibilities! Here's the link: http://www.teachingblogaddict.com/ 

I love this "movie ticket" box! As a scrapbooker, I have about fifteen seventy-five of these things stashed in a box. This would be so fun to display in your family room, or movie room as it is appropriately called at our house. When you are feeling very poor and like you can't do anything with your spouse (we know nothing about this! LOL), you can take a walk down memory lane and make an evening of remembering past dates. I don't know about you, but I really do like thinking back on our old dates...I think that still makes us newlyweds or something. This is one thing that wouldn't take up much space, but would be such fun to see it fill up. Cute idea...that's all. There's no link to this one...pretty self explanatory!

Oh my goodness! If our backyard wasn't crap, I would be gathering up some rain boots! This is so cute and would bring a great splash of color to any place that you put it! I personally love it on the fence. I love Spring and Summer. I wish the Panhandle would have more of a Spring though. It seems as though Spring and Fall last about two weeks here, and then we just have Summer and Winter. We've had a ton of rain this year compared to last, so my hopes for Spring hanging in there a little longer are still pretty high. I can't wait to redo our backyard. I love looking at yard ideas on pinterest, there are some definite keepers! I am crossing my fingers that we get to install a privacy fence next summer and then we need some grass. I'd love to say we are going to get roll out sod and have insta-yard in an afternoon, but I haven't checked on prices at all. Luckily, our backyard is really tiny (also a downside!), so neither the fence or grass should cost much at all. Until next year, I will stare at this picture and dream of my backyard-to-be. Here's the link: http://www.recyclart.org/2012/04/garden-boots/

There aren't words to describe how precious this is! I love everything about it...minus the cost probably...canvas pictures are pricey! However, there are tutorials on DIY canvas pictures, so maybe there is still hope for me. I love all the sweet moments. Moments that slip away so quickly. I will say that I am also a picture fanatic! Anyone who is friends with me on FB will agree. I just can't help it. Although I don't plan on doing this in the boys room, I am still in love with it. When you get two babies in the mix, it just gets confusing! Not to mention that above their cribs will be a sail and mast if it works out the way I am dreaming. So, grab your camera...and snap some photos! No link! :)

So, since I mentioned spring, I figured I might as well link you up with spring cleaning tips! I do love that clean smell, but hate working to get it that way! This blog has lots of links to help you accomplish different tasks, easier! Who doesn't want that? Speaking of cleaning blinds, I actually did this about a month ago! I was so proud of myself. It was an all day event with 19 windows...but wow, it really did make a huge difference! Happy Cleaning! Here's the link:
That's all I have for this week...actually I could have posted more, but I really need to get busy!

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