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Friday, May 18, 2012

No Place Like Home

Natalee and I came to Dalhart yesterday (for a late Mother's Day present to Grammie) and plan on staying through Saturday morning. I love coming home. Even though my room has been transformed into the "guest bedroom," it still feels like my room. Even though I have Natalee now, whose pack and play takes up most of the bedroom, it still feels so free. There's nothing better than the late nights of laughter or deep discussion that takes place between my mom and I. Those are moments I wouldn't trade for anything. I come home and automatically go back into "kid" mode. It's so nice to have a break and to see the special bond that my parents have with Natalee. We usually eat too much, laugh too much and sleep stay up too late! We watch movies, visit Aunts and Uncles, play at the park and yesterday, we got a snow cone! Natalee ordered her own, "Can I have a pink one please?" First she was saying that she wanted a "princess one," so I clarified..."Oh, a pink princess one?! How fun!" It worked...this year. LOL She is always saying something that just cracks us up. I am pretty sure she is the funniest kid I have ever met.
One of my favorite things to do in Dalhart (besides eating at La Espanola and The Grill) is going over to my Papa's house. He is just a pretty great guy. If you walked into his house right now, you wouldn't find him anywhere. I don't really know why he owns a "house!" He is ALWAYS in the garage and is ALWAYS sitting on the furnace...even when it's 80 degrees outside. His backyard is amazing. He plants the prettiest flower beds you've ever seen. The grass is always super green and mowed to perfection. The patio could use some new patio furniture, but there is a place for everyone to sit. When I was younger, we'd go over to his house for cookouts. SO fun. The whole family would meet over there and we'd spend hours playing in the HUGE pear tree in the yard. Tag, hide and seek, and the water hose kept us busy for hours. I wish we'd still get together like that as a family, it just seems no one has time for that anymore. I am pretty mad that I forgot my camera, because I planned on taking pictures of his backyard to share with you. Maybe next time, I guess. I love that little old man. He is so dear to my heart.
So...Dalhart doesn't seem near as cool as it used to. I am sure every generation has said that...and it actually just makes me feel old to know that I am, in fact, old enough to know what it "used to be like." We drove the drag, and were obviously the coolest kids in town. We went to the movie theatre, that has now been turned into a church. There was nothing (and still isn't) better than a crusty allsups burrito. I have to have one every time I come. The snow cone stands were in at least two places in town...no we are down to one. You knew everyone and everyone knew you, which I thought I hated...but realize now just how special that is. The smell of cow manure didn't bother you, you were just used to it. We rode our bikes every where. The swimming pool was $1 per person...and we were there like every day! 
There's just nothing like a small town. A great place to raise a family, or at least it used to be. So, now you know a few of my favorite things about my little home town. I love this place.

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