Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Pirates Life for Me

My baby shower was held this past weekend, May 6th. I am still blown away by the amount of love we were shown. The theme was pirates, of course. It was decorated SO cute. I am so blessed to have amazing friends...seriously, they are awesome.
Here is a picture of the table, decorated like a ship of course. It was SO cute. It had two diaper cakes, with the boys initials on it with treasure glued on and chests on the top. I loved everything about it!!

Here is a picture with my first little treasure. She was excited to go to baby brother's party. She helped open gifts and of course ate lots of goodies, her favorites being the jellybeans. She had to bring her mermaid to the party...I guess it is fitting...mermaid and pirates. :)

A picture of my beautiful mom and I. I am so glad to have shared these experiences with her. She is the greatest Grammie in all of Texas, just ask Natalee.
These were the hostesses with the mostesses. They made it all happen. I love each and every one of these girls, and am SO glad that I have been blessed by them. Three more girls are missing in the picture. They did such a great job making my day special.

They thought of every detail. These lemon bars were SO good...along with the delicious home made cookies and fruit kabobs on little swords! The punch was ocean blue, and tasted so good.

Feast your eyes on this little beauty. I walked in and loved it...and then they told me I got to KEEP it as part of my gift!! I was so excited! I couldn't wait to show Jeremy, because it is an antique (they found it at an estate sale). The stamp date is 1880! How awesome is that?! The detail on the trunk is beautiful. I cannot wait for our little pirates to get some use out of this fun treasure.

Having 16 hostesses, it's a little hard to buy them pearls like I had planned (insert wink), but I did find something pirate-y...gift card to a place called Bahama Bucks (snow cone/smoothie place). I thought it worked perfect as the gift to them, although I owe them so much more!

The sign in table had a cool looking treasure map, my pregnancy scrapbook, a picture of the sonogram, and the sign in sheets. There was also a balloon bouquet, not in the picture, with red and black balloons and a huge pirate ship.
Let the fun begin!! The boys got so many cute clothes! By seeing everything coming out of the sacks in doubles, I was reminded that I am for real FOR REAL having twins. I know, I know...I am already half way through this pregnancy, almost in the third trimester, and it is STILL hard for that fact to set in!

One of the special gifts that the boys received. Hand made quilts with ships on them and their initials in the corner. This was super exciting to see. I love stuff like this. I cannot wait to lay the boys on them!

Double vision is exactly what I had...or so I thought. I loved these outfits! I am a sucker for little footed jammies...not to mention these are little whales, so they go along with the whole pirate theme....extra love. Just a side note, I am also a sucker for themes.

Happiness on a hanger! I am biting my nails already with anticipation of seeing them in these! Our little treasures are going to be decked out in pirate studness.

Just another cute picture of the person who brought me into this world. See how much joy I bring her? LOL I only hope and pray that Natalee have as special of a bond.

The day of my shower also marked 22 weeks! I can't believe it, and I know I say that every time. The boys are beginning to be VERY active and it is starting to get a little more uncomfortable to sleep at night. I figure that is God's way of preparing you for your new little blessing. I might as well get used to less sleep now, because it is coming my way! We have a sonogram at the end of the month, so I don't really have anything else to update on.

Last but not least, a picture of my best friend and I. What would a shower be if you didn't have a best friend to share it with...and write down your gifts because she has awesome hand writing?! (Not the only reason I wanted her at the shower though!)

We feel super blessed and super excited. Third trimester is right around the corner, and our little boys will be in our arms before you know it. Natalee announced her little brother's names at the shower....Aiden and Barrett. We still don't have middle names picked yet, but we still have time, right?


  1. Thanks! I love that it is unique but not weird! LOL I can't wait!