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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 14, 2012

Boys Room

So, I totally forgot to mention one of the other best parts of the baby shower (there were just so many!), my hostess gift was the other crib that we needed!! Yay! Now, we have both cribs, and they are all set up in the boys room.
We tried the cribs this way first, which was the way I really thought that I would like...but it really took up a lot of the room.
So, we turned them side ways instead, and I loved it so much more. It really opened the room up, and allowed enough room to fit the amazing chest in between. This will be perfect. Please excuse all the junk...our whole house has been turned upside down because of these boys!
So, let me take you on a little tour of the room!
This used to be the guest bedroom, so we are making some major adjustments! Currently all the windows, doors and base boards are getting a fresh new coat of white paint and new blinds have been bought (YAY, this was the last room in our house to buy the wooden fancy blinds for, can't wait to see them up!). The sheers will go away, and a pirate room will be right around the corner!
This is the worst texture job I have ever seen! How do they expect me to modge-podge sails and cute piratey stuff all over the walls with THIS?! I have hated this texture since the day we have moved in...but it was the guest bedroom, so not exactly first room make over on the list.

Have I mentioned that I uber love my husband?! This isn't a great photo (I have updates coming, don't worry!), but this is the new texture! He has textured almost every room in our house, so he's pretty much a professional. This was some of my mother's day present. I have been talking about this getting done for a couple weeks now. He's such a good hubs. Now, I can walk in and picture those amazing sails on the walls, take that ugly texture! The bedding has been ordered and I am stomping my feet patiently waiting for it to arrive. Jeremy has a little more texture to go, but then he will be done. I however, have a lot more painting to go! So far, I have gotten one out of the three windows completed, and that's not even including doors or base boards! I want this step done soon...because I know that once the bedding arrives I will be chomping at the bit to pick a paint color and get it painted!
Such fun and excited stuff is right around the corner for this room!

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