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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

24 Weeks

So, it's official...I am SIX months pregnant with the sweetest baby boys! I can not believe it! We had a doctors appointment today, and here are the updates:
Aiden is weighing in at a whopping 1 lb 12 oz. His heart rate was 157. He moved the entire sonogram! He almost did a flip, but just couldn't get all the way over. Barrett is weighing in at 2 lb 3 oz. His heart rate was 146. This was the first appointment that Barrett's heart rate was lower than Aiden's (B is usually the one showing off!), this was also the first time they weighed something different from each other. We've have 5 oz, 7 oz and 15 oz.
They aren't too concerned about the weight difference yet, but they did schedule another sonogram in two weeks to check up on Aiden. Hopefully he has put on some more weight, and we can put any worry behind us. The next sono is also the fun gestational diabetes testing! Yuck!
The doctor measured me for the first time...I am measuring 32 weeks. Yikes!! I am technically 24 1/2, so hearing 32 weeks was a shock for me! Oh well, it is what it is...and I already had stretch marks from Natalee anyway. She was worth it...and they will be too. I have gained a total 6-7 pounds, and I think that is pretty good...considering the boys make up at least 4 of that!
They were both moving and wiggling and doing whatever it is that babies do in the womb! It's always so fun to see them. Their heads were together...and they were both laying horizontal across my belly. Silly boys.
Gifts keep flowing in from friends and family. We now have two cribs, two high chairs, two mattresses and two bouncers...and we've only had to pay $55 dollars out of pocket for all of that! God is amazing...and so are our friends and family. It does help that we had one crib and one high chair...but it's just a blessing that we found the other high chair matching and used! YAY! The room is still a work in progress. My mom says she has just about every weekend in June to come down and help, so hopefully I will be showing you some cute nursery photos soon! The bedding finally arrived...but it was sent to my mom's house by mistake! So, I still haven't got to see it! That will all be changing in about 2 hours, because I am on my way to pick them up! I can't wait!! I will post pictures of the world's cutest pirate bedding soon!
Until then, I need to finish packing the van...we are headed to the lake (through Dalhart to pick up the bedding)! This will be our first camping trip this year, and we are all looking forward to it! I will update with pictures and lots of stories (I'm sure) when we return!
SIX months!
Natalee at the doctors appointment.
She said, "Now it's my turn to see baby brothers' in my tummy!"

The first outfits I made for the boys!
I love my embroidery machine! :)
The second little outfits I have made for them!
These say "one month."
I wish I could get further along in this set, but have no idea how big or little they will be!


  1. You are looking great! I just love baby bellies..cant help it! You MADE those outfits?! THAT is impressive:)

  2. Thank you! I love baby bellies too! Yes, I did make the outfits! I have a FB page (Krystole's BOWtique), can sew some what well, and own an embroidery machine...which I LOVE!! Thank you, I really enjoy doing it! :)