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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, January 21, 2011

Strep, Psycho-ness, and Sleep Deprived

This past week has been rough! First, Natalee and I came down with strep (1-16)! Poor baby...and poor mommy! Jeremy had 2 cranky girls to deal with this past weekend! Jeremy's mom (Robyn) also had to go to the ER by ambulance for chest pains on the night of the 15th. Jeremy met her up there...stayed with her...took her back to Canyon at 7:30am the next morning...and finally came home about 8am. His sleep was short lived as Natalee and I awoke at 9am...both not feeling well! He was such a good daddy, got up, and took us to the doctor! This whole week has been a mess! This week at mother's day out, our kiddos were CrAzY with a capital C! Everyday presented a whole new set of challenges! There are some days that I just want to run away, never to return! But, overall for now, I KNOW that it is such a blessing from GOD to our family. Where else am I going to work where I am with my child, and get paid for it, and she goes for free? Wednesday the 19th was our first Dave Ramsey class. It went very well, and we already feel more focused on our finances. Dave Ramsey is pretty hilarious, and it seems as though we will have a pretty large support group! Thursday the 20th, Natalee and I were both upset to our tummies. Natalee threw up once...and gagged several times throughout the day. I never threw up, but I also didn't eat until 8:30 that night. To end this crazy week, Natalee's one year well child check-up was today. What I found out was...she wasn't really well at all! They gave her a breathing treatment in the office because she sounded so wheezy. We were there for 2 hours!! She had to have 4 immunizations (all separate pokes!)...and to top it all off...we found out the urgent care we went to on Sunday gave her the wrong dosage of medicine...so she STILL has strep! Talk about one hot momma! My poor baby...I hate that she has suffered all week long, and there was no way of knowing it!! She also has double ear infections! :( On a quick positive note: she was 29 1/4 inches long and 21.4 pounds!! This has definitely been a rough week, but then I think about people such as Lot in the old testament. He lost EVERYTHING, and in the end could still give the glory to God and remained faithful to Him. WOW! What a servant! I hope that I can remain faithful to God in the easy things...and even more so in the hard times. I pray that I see the blessings that God has daily poured out for me...instead of the small disasters and discomforts that life brings. In the end of this psycho week...I choose to remain faithful to Him!

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1


PS: The benefit for the Gomez family at Rosas today seemed to be a huge hit! All day long, the lines were wrapped around the building, and the inside was packed! Thanks be to God, once again, for His faithfulness!

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