Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It is unbelievable to me how busy the BOWtique has been this Christmas season! I have been so blessed, by so many different people, from all over the place! Thank you to everyone who ordered! If you have no idea what I am talking about, look me up on facebook at Krystole's BOWtique! :) This is not including multiples of the same shirt, a Christmas outfit that I made, an entire set of ladybug stuff (pillowcase, blanket, shirt and pants for Natalee!), and 20 bows!! I am glad to say that my Christmas orders have been completed...except for the outfit I am about to start on for Natalee! :) I guess when you are a crafter, your work is really never quite done....
Santa Shirt
This was by far the most popular order!
Everyone loved the Santa owl!
I made 3 of these shirts!
I love putting things on the bottom!
I look forward to making this shirt for Natalee
next year, I just ran out of time.
I made 2 of these outfits!
My first blanket! I am in love!
The Santa baby was also popular!
LOVE the elf shoes!
I made this exact outfit 2 times!
I love this design!
Batman and Robin Hooded Towels!
Love this in pink too!

Another elf shoe shirt!
Tutu cute!
Lovey Blanket
I made 2 different ones!
This one was popular...
I LOVE this outfit!
I will be making it for Natalee....someday!
I can now make PANTS!!
Yay for pants!
Natalee's birthday outfit!
I love Santa!
Another owl!
Owl Reindeer!
My favorite of the elf shirts!
Snow Cute!
I am making Natalee an outfit with this design!
I LOVE it!
For a birthday girl!
Hooded Towels...another expansion!
One of the outfits I made Natalee!
Sister sets!
They had matching pants too! :)
This one is a HOOT!
Another Santa owl!
I am SO blessed to work from home and stay with my sweet girl! Thank you again! Be on the look out for more items from Krystole's BOWtique!!

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