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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Little Bed, Big Dreams....

How is it possible that my husband is taking down the crib and replacing it with a toddler bed? Isn't my daughter only 6 months old? I can't believe how fast the time has gone, and that she is growing up, whether I like it or not! Jeremy took down the crib today, I only cried a little! I stood there watching and reflecting back on some of my favorite moments with that crib.

#1. The day we bought it. I can remember the excitement that I had when purchasing this crib online. I knew it was going to be perfect in our future child's room.
#2. The day it arrived on my front porch! It took all that my 7 month pregnant self had not to pick it up and set it up at that moment!
#3. The day we brought our little GIRL home (we didn't find out the gender), and I could finally order bedding for the crib! (I didn't want a gender neutral nursery!)
#4. Seeing that crib all set up with it's Ladybug bedding! It was the perfect nursery, and I couldn't wait for Natalee to be able to sleep in it!
#5. Speaking of sleeping, the first night we put Natalee in it to sleep. She was three weeks old to the date, and she slept in it like a champ.
#6. The first time she pulled up in it. I remember walking it to a bright-eyed girl, who was so proud of herself.
#7. I loved going in after she had fallen asleep to rearrange her blanket where it covered her just right. This is usually also when I prayed over her.
#8. Walking in about 2 weeks ago to find her straddled over the edge, proclaiming, "I'm riding a horthey!" (horsey)...and knowing it was time to get a big girl bed.

It's funny how easily you get attached to things. I never thought I would be crying because I wanted the crib to stay. I can't wait to use that crib again someday in our next child's room. I think I will cherish those moments even more, because I now understand just how quickly they pass. It's bitter sweet really. I am SO glad to have a happy, healthy, and smart toddler, but it's just so hard to let go of everything "baby" about her.

She was so excited to be getting a "new bed," as she was saying to us over and over. When Jeremy brought it in she said, "there is it, there's my new bed!" It was love at first dream....until she actually had to sleep in it that night...I will catch you up on this a little later.
It took a while to figure out the perfect way to rearrange her room to make it all fit, but I think I love it for now. We rearranged it, and then left to go and eat dinner, so that way when I came back in, it would be new and fresh, and I could figure out if I really liked it or not. After dinner, I opened the door and felt like I was walking straight into a teenagers room! It felt SO grown up! I do love it though.

I am going to make some new bookshelves off an idea that I found on pinterest...I think they will look so cute in her new "big girl" room!

We did our nightly routine: eat, bathe, brush our teeth, read a book, rock a little...and then put her down. She was pretty scared of her new room! LOL After all, the bed is new, the whole room is rearranged, and she isn't even sleeping at the same end of the bed that she usually does, since this one has a definite "head" and "foot" place. I ended up sitting on the floor, rubbing her back, until she calmed down. Then, I just slowly starting scooting back towards the door. With every little scoot, she would say, "stay on the floor mommy," in the saddest little voice you've ever heard. I kept reassuring her there was nothing to be afraid of. I ended up in the rocking chair...and then, out the door. She was asleep. We did it! We made it through the first night! I can't say that I was irritated at the fact that she was scared and wanted me to stay with her...I didn't really want to leave her in that big girl bed either. I think that was God's way of telling me, "See, even though she is getting bigger, she will always be your little girl." Thank you God for the reminder...it is just what this momma needed.
It's still such a little bed, but I know she will dream big things in it. God has so much in store for her. I can't wait to watch her grow (totally contradicting this whole blog, I know), and see who she becomes. My heart is full of love for her, and I am thankful for these milestones.


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