Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today marks six months at my new job, stay at home mom. Six months ago, I was so nervous about taking this leap of faith. Six months ago, I knew what I wanted in my heart, but didn't know if it was the right choice. Six months ago I was nervous about finances. Six months ago, I didn't know what SAHM stood for when I would see it on the web.
I am so proud to be a stay at home mom. These past six months have been so very dear to my heart. I have enjoyed every day that God has given me to spend with the sweetest little girl on the planet. I have enjoyed staying in pajamas and not having to wake up to an alarm clock, other than Natalee. I have enjoyed the freedom that we have got to experience. I have enjoyed not having to drive in the snow or get out in the cold, if we didn't want to. I have enjoyed making little crafts, which I don't do often enough. I have enjoyed doing the laundry, making the beds, dusting and cooking. I have enjoyed my life to the fullest.
I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom. Jeremy has always supported me in that way, even when the realization set in that we are not millionaires. I am so grateful to have a husband who supports the decision of family. A husband who is willing to work harder, go to school longer, and strive every day to do the best he can. One who is always improving, always trying, and always amazing. Jeremy will graduate this December with his Masters degree in Social Work. I could not be more proud of him. He will finally be done with school! I am so excited for him to reach this goal. He can see the glimpse of the finish line, and I know he will finish strong. I am so ready to just get to be a family. Work and family and church (not in that order!), will get to be our new priorities. No more homework, driving to Canyon, projects, time away...I can't wait!
Staying at home doesn't always mean peaches and cream. Have we gone without fancy things? Yes. Do we have name brand clothes? No. Are we always perfectly groomed and ready for prom? Definitely not. Have I ever been happier? No. This is where you have to ask yourself what really matters to you. This is where you have to take that leap of faith and trust that God will provide all your needs. This is where you have to redefine your fun, and realize you are on a definite budget. I will say that if we can make it work, on the income we have available, I am pretty confident that anyone can. We are not financial gurus, and are continuously kicking ourselves in the teeth over wrong choices, but we are still here. We haven't gone hungry, bills have been paid, and we've even done some fun things! I feel so blessed to be living the life I am currently living.
There have been days when the laundry is stacked over my head, the dishes piled in the sink, our hair isn't brushed, and Natalee didn't take a nap. To expect it to be perfect all the time is just flat dumb. When I first started my journey as a stay at home mom, I expected to have more time. Although we do technically have more time, it still seems like there isn't enough. There's not enough time to make the beds everyday, there isn't enough time to sew everyday, there isn't enough time for play dates, there isn't enough time for myself, there isn't enough time to just sit and play. With that being said, I believe that the saying really is true....you make time for what you want to make time for.
I know that I am not a perfect stay at home mom, and I am ok with that. Living each day, one at a time, whether in pj's or not is how we roll around the Glover house. I am sure with the addition of the twins this summer, our beds will never be made, we will have many more stacks of laundry, lots more dirty dishes, and tons of days in pajamas. I believe this is our privilege...and we will wear our pj's with pride.
I am so happy to have the initials SAHM behind my name, and to know that I am making a difference in the life of my child.

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