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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, March 29, 2012

27 Months

Wow...has it really already been three months since Natalee's second birthday? I swear the time will not slow down, even for a bit! She is SO stinking smart. I know, I am her mother, I am supposed to say that...but you really can ask anyone. If the video up loader on blogger didn't take a decade to upload one video, I would totally pull out the mom card and post every video I have of her on this blog...you would watch them, and you would thank me for it. She seriously is adorable.
Anyway....27 months.
She is still a sponge.
She can verbalize anything that she is needing.
She is potty trained.
She is recognizing lots of letters and numbers.
She is a princess, no seriously, every day.
She can count to twelve....and then says 16, 17 and 18.
She LOVES to color, especially in a blank notebook with a pink pen.
She prays by herself.
She eats anything and everything.
She is in this stage where she will say, "He kinda looks like ________." Or, "It kinda looks like _______."
She loves her daddy, and asks to go and see him at Boys Ranch quite frequently.
She is excited about her twin brothers.
She is very friendly.
She isn't shy.
She loves the water.
She is independent.
She wants to have her hair fixed, with a bow, everyday....fine by me.
Her last sentence before bed (every night), "And when I wake up, I can wear my angel dress."
Her first sentence when waking up (every day), "I woke up, not I can wear my angel dress."
Almost every dress is an angel dress.
She loves Jesus.
She loves to sing...and will make up songs with her eyes closed tight, while twirling around in circles.
She loves Fancy Nancy.
She loves the library, and books in general.
She loves her pink ladybug blanket.
She is a mess.

She says funny things all day long. She is my greatest joy. I love all of her.
These are a few snapshots from her 27 month day! It was a beautiful day, and we played outside almost the whole time!
Thank you God for your blessing.


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