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Monday, April 9, 2012

He is Risen!

Making Cupcakes!
We started our Easter celebration, by making a batch of Easter cupcakes! I was really excited that Natalee could still wear the shirt I made her last year. She picked out the cake batter, so of course it was pink. She loves to help in the kitchen, especially when her Grammie is involved.
Official Cake Tester!
Of course when we were done stirring, she got to lick the spoon.
She said she "loved pink cake!"

Mommy and Natalee in the Kitchen!
She got to help me put the batter in the cupcake wrappers. She thought she was pretty big stuff! Frankly, I did too! I can't believe she is old enough to help as much as she does! I love this little girl, and all the memories that we are making.

The finished product. I don't think we will be on Cake Boss any time soon,
 but they sure were tasty! :)

First time to draw on her own egg!
We then started to dye our Easter eggs. We've always colored on them in crayon, and them dipped them in the dye. You have to write your name on the egg...and we always make one for our special loved ones that have passed on. I love this tradition.
Our family dying eggs!
Here we all are dying our Easter eggs. She had so much fun this year. She was very independent (of course) and wanted to dip and stir the egg by herself, which I mainly let her do. I forgot to get a picture of all of our eggs completed. There's just something about Easter-dyed eggs that make for the best deviled eggs around the next day!

Miss America, watch out!
Here is Natalee with the two eggs that she colored with crayons, picked the dye color, and helped dye the eggs. She was very proud and excited. Of course she wouldn't stand still for the picture...but I think this pose is a winner.

Fancy Nancy
Easter morning, she was so excited! She woke up around 7:30 and whispered, "The Easter bunny came and filled up my basket," and then yelled, "It's EASTER time!" She literally RAN out while squealing something fierce and was so excited to see her basket full of goodies. Some of her favorite things were the Fancy Nancy Easter book I found, a Bible story book, and a "fancy hat" as she called it. I don't know why I even bothered to buy her anything for Easter, because Grammie Easter bunny also came...
Spoiled Rotten!
Natalee is so very loved by that Easter bunny. Don't worry Grammie bunny...next year, when we have three kiddos at Easter, I am sure I will leave the Easter shopping up to you! :) LOL

Love the early morning sleepy shots!
Getting the hang of it...
So proud to have found this one!
She loved hunting her 8 little ladybug eggs (each filled with one jellybean!) and I also got the Resurrection eggs that I blogged about done, which she also loved! She was so excited when she would find another egg. It is fun watching her be "proud" of herself. She was also very pumped when she realized that there were jellybeans in them!
I see you egg...
Easter Breakfast at the Church.

Jeremy, Natalee and myself!
Easter 2012
We then went to church, the real reason we celebrate Easter. Our church always does a big Easter breakfast, and an Easter egg hunt. Here is our sweet girl enjoying some bacon, blueberry pancakes and eggs. She loves to eat, takes after her mommy! Even though she was mixed in with a lot of older kiddos on the egg hunt, she did quite well. Next year, she will be all over the place I am sure! I loved her dress this year, even though I didn't know if I liked it at all at first. She looked just like an Easter Angel...of course I may be biased, but I don't care. :) After one of the prayers in church, she said, "Amen," really loud and Texan like. Everyone laughed at her and thought she was the cutest thing. She also told the Easter story in her own words: "Jesus died on the cross (toss), that made Mary sad, Jesus is Alive, Jesus went to Heaven, now Mary is happy!" I think that is a pretty darn good start! I love seeing her grow with God, it makes my heart so happy.

Get in my belly!!
After church, we came home and ate Easter lunch, yes you should be jealous. It was so good. One of the best things about being pregnant during any holiday is the amount you can get away with eating! Now, put that on top of twin boys...this momma got her fill! I think I looked a little more pregnant for the next three days!

She loves her Grammie!
Grumps, Grams, Natalee and Pa!
Natalee and her baby brothers on Easter.
Hunting eggs, again.
I found one!
Sweet girl.
Love this one, even though she is staring off into the deep blue sea,
she was really watching the dog.
Trying to get a smile...
She loved her "fancy Nancy" hat.
Of course I had to take her for her own little photo shoot too. What's Easter without a million pictures in your fancy new dress? She has me wrapped around her little finger, actually rephrase...she has everyone wrapped around her little finger! She is so loved, and I just can't imagine my life without her!

They look just alike her.
Feeding the Easter bunny.
So many bunnies, so little carrots.
The day after Easter, we had the privilege of feeding the Easter bunny! Natalee was so excited, and not scared of them at all. She didn't like all of the flies that were by the bunnies though, and told us that about a million times (I really don't think I am exaggerating on that!).
We also flew a kite, which I did not get a picture of! I think my mom did, so I will have to harass her to send one to me. It was her first time to fly a kite, and she did it like a champ. Seriously, you'd think she would have been flying kites for at least two years now!

Ready, Set, Go!
Such a big girl!
After flying a kite, we took a stroll to the park. She had a lot of fun, but really only wanted to swing. This was her first time to sit and swing in a big girl swing! She was pretty upset when we had to leave. She wanted to be "pushed higher" and daddy was ok with that, which made this mommy nervous. She did great though, never falling off. I made her little outfit, my first time to make capris! I love how it turned out. She loves her "toss" (cross) shirt, and will usually retell the Easter story when she realizes she is wearing it.

Over all, we had a great Easter weekend. It was filled with family, food, and fun. I have always loved our Easter tradition, and look forward to seeing how it will look next year with a three year old and two 8-9 month old boys!

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