Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Whoo's TWO?

First off, Happy New Year! So what if I am just now writing up this blog on the 15th of January! I am still going to post it as if I wrote it on New Years Day...so dream with me a little here. We kicked our new year off with a birthday party for our sweet Natalee Grace! She had a great time, and got some really great gifts! She LOVED opening her presents this year. She was very particular in that she wanted EVERY piece of tape AND paper off of the present before she would even give it a look. Perfectionist in the making. She had an owl themed party which fit her to a tee. She has been obsessed with owls for about 8 months now. I really believe she started the owl trend, but I could be wrong.
My mom and dad came over to Amarillo for the weekend and stayed in a hotel. My mom helped with the cupcakes and my dad helped me hang the streamers! I love throwing and hosting parties, it makes my heart happy....but man, I was exhausted!
We sent out cute "Look Whoo's turning TWO" invites. I loved how they turned out! I can't get a picture to upload, but if you have never made your own invites, DO! So quick and easy, well unless you are like me and analyze everything! They are usually cheaper than buying, and we had Natalee's picture on it, so it was also personalized. I recommend it!
She hammed it up the whole party. She LOVED when everyone sang her happy birthday. She had a smile on her face the entire time. She blew out the candle by herself, and then asked a million times, "where did the fire go, I wanna blow it again?" Never a dull moment with that kid. She cracks me up. You can thank me anytime now for bringing something that ridiculously cute into the world!
She loved her cupcake! So much so that she wouldn't stop eating and look at the camera to save her life. I can't say that I blame her, my mom makes a mean cupcake. We ended the party by playing with her favorite new toy, her dollhouse. I picked this up months ago for $15 at Once Upon a Child. That place makes me so happy. Since the party, we have played with the dollhouse many times. I knew she would love it. She always gets confused because the 'mommy' figurine is carrying around the babies' bottle, so she thinks that the mom is the baby because of that. I have tried convincing her otherwise, but she just tells me that that is not the baby! One day it will click, until then, I will go on believing that she is still the smartest kid on the planet.

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