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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wedding Photography

I have dabbled in enough wedding photography to know that it is not for me. It is stressful, it is long, it is never as organized as you think it will be, it is full of cranky people who just want to "get through the pictures" as fast as possible. Where is the beauty in all of that? I am proud to announce that I will no longer be doing wedding photography. I thought that I would love it. The dresses, the hair, the decorations, the smiles, the love, the kissing....perfect for a camera moment, right? I don't know if it is just the pregnancy hormones or what, but I was especially "over" the photos at my latest wedding. What I would really love to do is to come in at the end of weddings, take the bride, groom and wedding party outdoors, and have a 45 minute session somewhere in a field. THAT would be awesome. I just hate taking indoor photos! So much is lost with yucky lighting and no real nature. I have one more wedding that I have already committed to in April, but at least I have a pretty good break in between. Anyway, even through the craziness of this last wedding, I was able to pull them all outside and take some shots. THIS made the wedding worth it for me. After hours of frustration, unorganization, and heated moments, these 30 minutes in nature made me remember why I love photography so much. Here is a little sneak peak of a few of my favorites. If you want to see more, find me on facebook at KG Photography.
Awe, my happy place has returned. Photography is fun, but weddings are a challenge!

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