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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, January 16, 2012


Madison Knebusch. Most of you never knew her. You didn't know she was 16. You didn't know her favorite color was pink.You didn't know she was battling cancer. You didn't know how amazing she was. WAS. On January 12, she WON her battle with cancer, and went to be with the Lord. The last sentence was taken from her obituary. I can't help but get goose bumps while reading that sentence. Even in her families lowest low, they still gave God the glory. 

Madison was in the youth group at my church. I, as well, didn't really know her. I knew of her, through all the prayers our church said for her, through all the updates we received on her current situation, and through the new posts on her caring bridge website. I also found her on blogspot, just very recently, and added her. http://madisonsmission.blogspot.com/2011/10/again.html This is the link (hopefully I did it right). I would encourage you to go and read through some of her blogs.
At 16 years of age, Madison had been through more than most of will go through in a lifetime. At 16 years of age, Madison lived a life for God, no matters the circumstances. At 16 years of age, Madison was an inspiration to a wide group of people, all ages, all races, all religions.
Her memorial was held today. Over 500 pink balloons filled the sanctuary, tied up in bundles at the end of the pews. Her father, best friends, one of her siblings and her youth minister shared stories, sang songs, and read poems. The worship songs were picked by Madison. While singing, I took a moment to just soak it all in. You could really FEEL the presence of God in that room. People were smiling through their tears with hands raised high, still praising God. One of the songs had a verse in it that said, "I will rise up," as soon as this line was spoken, Madison's mom jumped out of her pew with her hands stretched out to her God. This was the greatest service I had ever been to. It truly was a celebration of the life she lived here on this earth. There was a slide show, from the beginning to the end of her beautiful life. By the end of the memorial, I felt like she was my best friend. Over 600 people attended, and when it was over, each person got one of those pink balloons and we went outside and released them (all 500) of them into the sky.
 I left that service broken hearted. Broken for her family, broken for her friends, broken for the day that the people stop coming over to their house, and they are left with one less. I also left that service feeling inspired. Inspired to reach people, inspired to step out of my comfort zone, inspired to lead a life like Madison. I can tell you for a fact that Madison did not die without purpose. The 600+ people that filled that room, the stories that have been shared after her passing, and the blogs and letters that have been written, the baptisms that have taken place; it all proves God has a purpose in every thing He does. Is this how we wanted it to end for Madison, no of course not. But if you are going to go at the age of 16, no one could have done it better. She had more strength and courage than I will ever have.
I am thankful that she is completely healed of any and all sickness. I am thankful that we will see her again one day. I am thankful that I have one more day on this earth to do the work of the Lord. Please keep the Knebusch family in your prayers. Even through the strength they have had, it is the prayers and the One who loves them, that will get them through this time.

I wish I would have known her better. What an amazing young woman of God. She is now worshipping at His feet, completely free and has been made whole.

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