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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Break

My mom took Natalee home with her today! My mom and brother had traveled to Lubbock to see a playoff basketball game, and came through Amarillo around 2 am, so they stayed the night. We woke up, and hung out for most of the morning. Then, my mom says to pack Natalee's stuff to go and stay with her Saturday, Sunday, and she would meet Jeremy at Boys Ranch on Monday. Have I said that my mom is amazing? We got her packed, and they headed to Dalhart.
Jeremy and I didn't know what to do with ourselves!! We started by taking a rest, I was so tired. Then, we got up and got ready for dinner and a movie! It was so nice to just go, only worry about yourself, not worry about the time, it was just great! We ate at Johnny Carinos and saw the movie "Act of Valor." We got ice cream. We talked. We enjoyed each other. We talked about Natalee (non-stop!). We talked about the twins. It. Was. AWESOME!
Sunday, we went to church, and headed to Ruby Tequila's with 3 of our other married couple friends. It was so much fun. We really love the people that God has been bringing into our lives! We love our church, and it is full of great young people, all in the same life stage as we are. We were there for forever, and it was great. After lunch, we decided to hit the town shopping. Window shopping mostly, but it was so much fun. We went to all the baby stores, and browsed the isles. We got Natalee a couple of spring outfits. We were out all day long, and it was such a pretty day too. We came home, Jeremy cooked us some breakfast, and we watched an episode of Scrubs and and episode of Bones...I know, we are crazy!
Monday, I woke up to a house, completely quiet. It was very weird. I took advantage of the quiet, and deep cleaned! I am still working on closets, I have now gotten 4 done. I cleaned the kitchen, mopped, cleaned ceiling fans, deep cleaned the bathroom, washed 4 loads of laundry, cleaned the blinds...it was awesome! I forgot how quickly you can do those chose without someone behind you messing it all up again!
We sure did miss our Natalee Grace though. I was so glad when she was home. Those breaks are wonderful, but I love that little girl. Thanks for the break Grammie and Grumpie! It was much needed!
This blog brought you by the words "great" and "awesome." I am pretty sure I used one of them in every sentence! :)

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