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Thursday, March 22, 2012

16 Weeks

We had our sonogram today. The babies looked HUGE compared to our last sonogram at 9 weeks. I am just shy of 16 weeks, and they really look like humans now! We saw 4 arms, 4 legs, 4 kidneys, 2 full bladders, 2 strong heartbeats (one was 158 and the other 162), and LOTS of movement. They each weigh 5 oz, they are really getting the hang of this twin thing. Isn't God amazing? Only 5 oz, less than one stick of butter, and yet full of life! I love God and His creation. Ok...back to the sonogram.

Natalee Grace and Mommy
16 weeks
We brought in a piece of paper with the date and Baby A and Baby B written on it, along with an envelope. After the initial sonogram was over, and everything looked UH-may-ZING, she turned the screen to see if she could find out the gender of the babies.
My mom, mother-in-law, husband, daughter and my brother all got to be apart of this sonogram! How special it was to have them see the babies right along with us. Just a little side note, our sonogram techs are awesome! The sweetest ladies on the planet! Before you knew it, Kim (sono tech) was turning the screen back our direction. I said, "well, were you able to determine the gender of both?" And she replied, "Yes!" We were all so excited. She had told us in the beginning, that 16 weeks may be a little early to tell, especially since we have two "personals" to find! The sonogram couldn't have gone better. She loved everything she saw, and said the babies looked great.
We gave her the piece of paper, and she wrote the gender down on the appropriate line, and sealed it up for us. She also printed off our sonogram pictures, and put the gender determining pictures in an envelope, and wrote "baby bottoms" on it, just for us. She seriously is cute.
After the appointment was over, my mom and I headed to Card and Party Factory where she ordered a balloon bouquet for the Gender Revealing party that will get to take place on Saturday!!

It's a boy, It's a girl, and welcome baby! This was the perfect bouquet for our party!
After the balloons were ordered, we headed straight to the bakery to get the cake ordered! We couldn't trust ourselves with the envelope for too long! We explained to the bakery that the gender would be inside of the envelope. We ordered one cake, and told them that if it was two girls, to make the inside of the cake all pink; if it was two boys, to make the inside of the cake all blue; and if it was one of each, to marble pink and blue on the inside of the cake. We explained to them to make the icing white, and the decor both pink and blue. So, only after we CUT open the cake, will we know the gender of our babies! It was really weird knowing that people I didn't know, knew what we were having before we did! SO exciting!

This is how the cake turned out! I loved it!
So, cast your vote now...what do you think the Gender party will reveal?
Two Girls, Two Boys, or One of Each?!
I will blog about the party and upload pictures sometime tomorrow, hopefully!
Happy Guessing!

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  1. Ah! So so so exciting!!!! I'm going to guess 2 girls:)