Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

It's here, the Gender Reveal Party! We've made banners, bought balloons, ordered the cake, invited our family and friends, made the punch...now to find out what we will be preparing for!! Talk about emotions, not only am I preggo, but today I will know what we are having! We are so excited to find out the gender of our twins! So, here are some of my favorite pictures from the big reveal! :)
The table, with the banner of the sonograms and our pregnancy announcement that I made.
The table. All decked out in pink and blue!
My husband, Jeremy, and I.
The cake. It turned out perfect!
My bestie, Mary. I love this lady!

The Glover's.

Time to cut the cake!!
Ok, no more suspense.... 


We were SO surprised!!
So, twin boys will be joining the Glover household this summer! We are both so thrilled! We each wanted at least one of them to be a boy, but to find out both of them were...neither of us expected that!

After the cake cutting, we were able to open up the envelope that the sonogram tech had written on.
Sure enough, Baby A: Male, Baby B: Male
We had a great time at our party. I think it was the perfect set up for us. My husband is glad to be adding some testosterone to the group...ever our cat and dog are female!

These guests signed in on the right sheet!
Most people thought we were having a boy and a girl!
Only a few thought we were having twin girls!

Twin BOYS!!
God never ceases to amaze us. We feel so blessed, and can't wait to meet our little guys. Please continue to keep the boys (YAY, I can say that now!) in your prayers. My due date is September 9th, and they REALLY want me to make it until at least August 15th, which would be 36 weeks.

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