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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine on a Budget

So, we are expecting twins, so we are pretty much broke...for the rest of our lives! I kid....somewhat. As we all know, Valentine's Day was yesterday. As we also know, it is the day to proclaim your undying love to your significant other and over spend on just about everything. This year, we needed a new plan. This year, I made a gift basket full of candy goodies. This year, he loved it.
 So, here's the scoop on my gift.
A cute Valentine bucket. A bag of pistachios. A box of Reeses Pieces. A fun pack of Almond Joys. A Mountain Dew. A print off of cute saying to attach onto said items. 
With zig-zag scissors (because that makes it look fancy) cut out your cute sayings. I used scrapbook paper for a border. I glued on the saying, and used scrapbooking tape to attach to the items. My cute sayings said this; "We love the things you DEW," "We love you to PIECES," "We are NUTS about you," "You bring us such great JOY." I am sure you can think of more cutesy things to put on your hubster's favorite snacks. I have seen a couple of these sayings on pinterest, and then just ran wild with the rest. I was really wanting a pack of rolos with the note saying, "We love how you roll," and a pack of sugar daddies with the note saying, "You are such a sweet daddy." However, being that it was Valentine's Day, and I was just getting to the store...I couldn't find them anywhere. 
Ok, this gift is coming together now....looking too cute if I do say so myself.
This was my favorite. 
Place in a cute bucket, with some tissue paper...and you are good to go!
I added in a little love note of my own, and called it good. He loved it. Not only was it cheap, it was super sweet and sentimental. YAY wife! Anyway, these little tags would also be super fun to attach onto your child's goodies in their lunch box. What a fun surprise to have a sweet note from mommy at school. Note to self: If your child is in middle school or is a teenager...scratch the previous genius idea! Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I wish I had thought of that, super cute. You're right, gifts don't have to be expensive, I much prefer gifts from the heart.