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Friday, February 24, 2012

Flu and Freak Out

Wow. What a rough couple of days I have had. I got the flu! The only other time I have had the flu was when I was pregnant with Natalee. It is no fun being sick while you are pregnant. Luckily, my husband was able to stay home from work on Thursday, and I literally laid in bed for 24 hours straight (minus potty breaks, puking breaks, and cracker eating breaks). I felt like I might die. Finally today, I am feeling a little more normal. I am so glad to be on the tail end of this.
On Sunday, I will be 12 weeks pregnant with the twins! I can't believe three months has already passed by. We have SO much to do, and time is not on our side! We go back to the doctor on March 8th. I am so ready to hear the heartbeats and to check up on them. Our next sonogram won't be until 18 weeks. I was really bummed to find that out. I figured that it would be more frequent since there are two of them, but nope, I was wrong. I am very anxious to get the next appointment "out of the way." I am ready to hear both of their heartbeats, going strong, and then I think I will feel like I can breathe a little more.
We have pretty much done nothing since finding out we were going to have twins. I think we are still in shock and overload mode. It is wearing off, a little. I have looked up car seats, and that alone comes with a $500 price tag, OUCH! I have looked up Natalee's crib, and have it in my cart, ready to buy. I was so glad to see that they still had the same one for sale. I have been stalking craigslist and ebay and amazon everyday trying to find good deals on stuff. We have an Eddie Bauer wooden highchair that I love, and I am hoping to find another one, used...hence the stalking.
There is a lot of new territory that comes along with expecting twins. I think I want a "recliner" type chair in the nursery, instead of a glider. I would think I would be able to hold them better and longer together in a bigger chair. Nursing will especially be challenging, and I don't want to run out of room, and be stuck on my bed every three hours. I haven't looked into pricing on those yet. I am still in sticker shock from what I have found thus far! LOL
We haven't even begun to think of names...like seriously, not once. We have talked about nursery ideas, and I think we have a definite pick for a boy/boy nursery and for a boy/girl nursery. I don't really know about a girl/girl nursery yet, but I am sure it will come to me.
I am going back and forth on finding out the sexes of the babies. I know in an earlier post, I talked about having the gender revealing party, and that still sounds like fun, I just don't know if I want to or not. I LOVED my experience with Natalee. I thought it was so fun not finding out, and I really think it helped me through her delivery. I was so excited to finally find out what I had been carrying for nine months, it helped me when I thought I couldn't go on. Speaking of delivery...freaked out!! That's a whole other blog though.
Wow. Twins. It still hasn't occurred to me. This pregnancy is definitely different than when I was pregnant with Natalee. I am a lot more emotional. I have had a lot more sickness. I feel a lot more tired. I have already started to clean everything in site. Little things are bothering me (how much my dog sheds). I have cried about having to sale Natalee's stroller and car seat (I bought all of that stuff in gender neutral with plans on using it with every baby, now that isn't possible, and it feels like I am having to get rid of all of her baby stuff, so many memories!). Wow, I am annoying myself with this list of "symptoms!"
The joys of pregnancy.
I really am excited about having twins. I know a lot of this blog was pretty much a freak out on pricing, names, decisions, pricing, delivery and emotions, but I am SO excited. I think once we start "doing" something for the babies, that it will make me feel so much better. Not to mention I have been trapped in this house since Tuesday with the flu. Some fresh air would really do me some good I am sure.
Ok, enough rambling.

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