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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Double Vision

So, for those of you keeping up, you know that I had to have a sonogram on Thursday to make sure everything was looking great with the baby because of my hypothyroidism. Let me start from the beginning...

Jeremy has an awesome boss, and was able to leave work at around noon to come to the appointment with Natalee and I. Thank goodness, I am not sure what I would do if he had to miss an appointment, that girl is busy with a capital B! We got to the sonogram office and did the usual sign in sheet and medical history paper work. After just a few minutes (that never happens!!), we were called back, and on our way to seeing the first glimpse of our tiny little peanut!

We get set up, calm Natalee down by reassuring her this appointment with the 'doctor' is for mommy only, and on goes the screen. The sono tech, who we also had during our pregnancy with Natalee (so fun!!) starts off by telling us, "Looks great," with a little pause, "Both of them!!" At this point, she turns the screen, and there before our eyes are two little peanuts dancing around on the screen! We are pregnant with TWINS! At this exact moment, I go into complete shock mode and time stands still. I look over at Jeremy, who's eyebrows are raised in shock, I look at Natalee who, all of the sudden, seems like she is 15 years old, and I look back at the screen to see my two unborn children waving at me and I am sure smiling as well. Shock still continues. I have been told by my husband that the words "really," "are you serious" and "I am just in shock" came out of my mouth about a hundred times. That's is exactly what it was...and still is three days later!

WOW. This changes everything! We are now going to be a family of FIVE! A few posts back, I was questioning what a family of FOUR would feel like. WOW. I can't believe that God has chosen us for this. In that moment, my life somehow made more sense. The way I have always loved children, the timing of quitting my job, the fact that I just got an embroidery machine to make super cute clothes with, the way that I LOVE things that match. Natalee's personality; independent, smart, strong-willed, such a helper, all made sense. My husbands deep desire to provide and get finished with school, now all had more purpose in my brain.

Has the fact that we will be bringing two babies home from the hospital really sank in yet? No, and I don't think it will for about another 3 years! God has something big in store for our family!! At least we are getting two for basically the price of one on our insurance premiums! YAY! God knows I love a bargain! I have always said that I wanted twins, but NEVER thought it would happen. Crazy!

We will now be finding the sex of the babies out (something I never thought I would do!), but we need to be prepared for this life changing event! We are going to have a super fun gender revealing party! Our plan is to; on the day we can find out the sex of the babies, not look at the screen and have the sono tech put the genders on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope. We will then take it to a bakery, and have them make two separate cakes, and on the inside of the cake, have blue or pink food coloring. This way, we are finding out what we are having at the same time all our family and friends do. I think that is a great way to do it, if you have to! ;)

We are so excited to welcome these two blessings to the Glover family. I am really hoping one is a boy...but will definitely be happy with healthy babies.

We are looking online to try and find matches to the items we already have. Good thing for us, Natalee was a surprise, so all of her "major" items were gender neutral. So, we are hoping to find the same crib, high chair, and car seat...but we shall see. We have a lot of planning to do, and planning is right up my alley. My official due date is September 9th (two days after my birthday) but I bet it may be sometime in August. Please be in prayer for our babies. We have a long road a head of us, and lots of changes for our family. All prayers are greatly appreciated! :)

Even our pregnancy announcement was messed up...but don't worry, I fixed it....
LOVE how it turned out!
Our sweet babies!


  1. This made me cry... I am so happy for the both of you and its so amazing!!! I love the Line God knows I love a bargain!!! I also love the idea of the party-- I might borrow that one!! Yall are on my prayer list!!! Its so exciting!!!! What a great surprise!

  2. The gender revealing party will be SO much fun! I got the idea from a friend too! You should do it!! It is a great surprise! Praying for you as well!! Maybe you will have two in there as well...never know! ;)

  3. I just found your blog but already am dying to know the sex of your babies. Sending a huge Congratulations to you all!

  4. Whoa!!!!!!! Congratulations! Not sure how I missed this post till now, shame on me! This is so exciting, can't wait to see what the genders will be! Eeee!!!

  5. Thanks Marie!! We are so excited as well!! Andrea, I just posted it yesterday, so you are doing great!! I love all your preggo pictures, and plan on doing mine every week too! I hope you are feeling great! :)