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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deep Clean

So, call it nesting, call it a nasty house, call it whatever you want...but the deep cleaning has begun in the Glover household. I don't know if it is the perfect timing, with all the nausea that is still going on, but never the less, it's happening! Yesterday, I deep cleaned the kitchen. It's the kind of clean that would make Martha Stewart jealous. The kind of clean that will only happen once a year. The kind of clean that made me want to eat out for the rest of my life, just so we wouldn't mess it up. I woke up, and just wanted it cleaned. Now, I don't think that is because it was completely disgusting and kind of had a funky smell coming from it...no, that wasn't it at all. I bleached the cabinets, I cleared the counters and sprayed everything down, and dusted the stuff and put it back up there all fancy like. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. I cleaned our refrigerator and got rid of my collection of papers that had stacked up on it. I even washed the washing machine...there was a lot of lent. Our laundry room is off to the side of our kitchen, so it too got deep cleaned. I washed the base boards. The only thing I didn't do, because I literally couldn't move, was mop and get the ceiling fan cleaned. Those dust bunnies are going to eat me if I don't do that soon. So, that was my yesterday.
Today, I wanted to organize even more of my crap! It's a cleaning miracle!! On my actual "cleaning schedule" (yes, I have one, and WHEN I use it, it makes my heart SO flippin happy!!) was to deep clean the bathrooms, so I started in there with a little mirror cleaning and vanity cleaning. Then, I got the BRILLIANT (not so brilliant) idea to attack with all my pregnant heart, the upstairs family room closets. Now, if you really know me...you know that I am a closet hoarder. So, to even want to open up the curtain was like step number six in a twelve step program. I did it. I just went up there, and started throwing everything out of the closet, and into the floor. Then I vacuumed the closet, and sat in there and meditated in the cleanliness of it all. Ok, maybe not that last part, but it was amazing. Of course, when I came out of the closet (no pun intended), I about had a heart attack to see everything that was in my floor!! I am so mad that I have not taken pictures. On another side note, I don't know if I would post the pictures even if I would have taken them, because I am pretty sure I would indeed be nominated for hoarders. Maybe I will just post the after pictures.I will do that on the other SEVEN closet transformations that MUST happen in order to have an amazing garage sale and to make room for two new babies and all the stuff that will come with them. On another side note, cleaning the closets has been something that I have been wanting to do AND not wanting to do for the last four years. OK...so, back to the small heart attack. I grabbed a drink of water and got started with all the trash. First of all, why was there so much trash in the closet to begin with? I am pretty sure we are super lazy. When we moved into this house four years ago, the "family room" was a storage room. This specific closet was my "wrapping paper" closet....until it got taken over by crap. So, I had a ton a gift bags that I had to just throw away because they were so deformed or torn. Anyone who knows me, knows this hurt my feelings pretty bad. On the plus side, most of them were baby shower gift sacks, and I am pretty sure I am going to have a life time supply of those in another few months. So, I hauled a load of trash out, came back up, small heart attack, but I kept going. By the end of it, I found (yes, found is the key word), two printers, a scanner, a VCR player, a complete computer, and TONS of cords and stuff. I guess we were planning on opening our own electronics store. I think I will give that dream up...and put it all in the garage sale, if it all still works. Who knew? Not this girl. That closet was junked up...BAD. Now, it finally has in it, what I have wanted in it for at least the last two years. One, all of the guitar hero get up (drums, two guitars, foot pedal, wires, microphone) and two, my husbands very large collection of a card game he plays. That is IT! It looks amazing. I also cleaned out another closet that was stacked high to the brim with totes. I got it down from 2 crates and 3 totes, to only one tote. Yet another cleaning miracle. Now, if you come over in the next few days, you can ONLY look in my closets and at my kitchen, because unfortunately, everything else has to go to crap while you are indeed cleaning the crap...go figure. But, my family room makes me SO happy right now. I washed all of the pillow covers, vacuumed and dusted, on top of cleaning the closets. The hubster is going to have to make a few trips to our other hoarding spot, the garage, to drop off the garage sale stuff, but other than that, it is clean.
I really do have seven other closets to tackle, and each of them have more stuff in it than the one before it, but at least it is getting done. It feels so good to get rid of all the crap that you don't want, so freeing!! I may take a break a couple of days. I need to get a few shirts done on my embroidery machine for orders, and I need to get over the sinus junk that I am trying to get. Next up is the coat closet. I think it will be fairly easy, so I will do it next to still feel accomplished.
 Please don't judge my "hoarding" and the amount of times I said "crap" in this blog and try not to be too jealous of all my witty and sarcastic comments. For this moment, I am one happy momma!

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  1. Krystole, we all have those closets when we have kids. You are always saving stuff "just in case you need it". And yes, five minutes after you get rid of it you will need it, even thought it had sat there 10 years untouched. I am definitely NOT a keeper, and when we moved from Dalhart, I was shocked and appalled at what I found! ;-) It is all gone, and has not been replaced. Step 12 accomplished.