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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fancy Fancy

So, Natalee is in LOVE with the Fancy Nancy books, which she calls, "Fanthy Fanthy." (Lisp included!) I checked this one out at the library since she is madly in love with all things princess. I really thought the book was too wordy (is that a word?) for her, but thought we would give it a go anyway...it is free after all! She now wants to read Fancy Nancy every night for bed...no, seriously, we haven't read a different book in almost two whole weeks. I love my little fancy girl. I thought I would share some of the pages, and Natalee's interpretations of them. She already has some of the pages memorized.
Here is the cover of the first Fancy Nancy book we checked out. I picked it because she was dressed up in all sorts of fun things, and that just reminded me of my sweet girl.
Natalee will say, "I love being Fanthy." She loves saying, "Look at all her toys in her room." Personally, my mommy brain would hurt in this room...too much clutter! LOL
She loves saying, "Where did Fanthy Fanthy go?" I love all the colors used on the pages, so bright and happy!
She loves talking about the mommy's "angel dress." EVERY dress is an angel dress to Natalee Grace.
Before I can ever turn to this page, she is saying, "Oh no Fanthy Fanthy, tie her shoe!" She just loves this book, and when we go back to the library on Thursday, we will definitely be checking out a different "Fanthy Fanthy" book to read.
We went to the grocery store and a lady was wearing wedged high heels. Natalee looks at me and says, "Her shoes are SO fanthy." She catches on quick.

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