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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bawoon Festival

YAY! We finally made it down to New Mexico for the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival! We've only been talking about going for about the last 4 years! I am so glad we finally got the time in our schedules to do it. We had a great time. Jeremy took Friday and Monday off, so we had a nice long weekend with our little family.

We also got to spend time with Jeremy's grandparents, who live just 20 miles out of Albuquerque. They were both feeling a little under the weather, but it was so good to catch up with them. Natalee was the star of the weekend. She talked a million words and rode her stick horse all over New Mexico! She pointed out every hot air balloon, and new exactly what we were talking about. On our way to New Mexico, she had fallen asleep in the car, and after about a 20 minute nap, woke straight up and said, "see the bawoons?!" It was hilarious!

The actual balloon festival itself was awesome! Over 400 balloons and 800,000 people were there. It was crazy! Balloons of all different shapes and sizes, from all over the world! There were booths set up with souvenirs and fair food (best part). We split a breakfast burrito and a funnel cake, Natalee's first one, and she loved it! We bought a Christmas ornament, like we do from anywhere we go, and a mug...also a tradition. Both our tree and out cabinet are getting full of fun memories! We love when fall time hits, and we bust out the hot chocolate in our mugs from corpus, Carlsbad caverns, pagosa springs, pikes peak, and now the balloon festival. (I am sure I missed some mugs in there...). Such fun memories with each little sip of hot goodness! I can't wait to decorate our tree again this year! We will be adding ornaments from Corpus Christi, The Alamo, The Balloon Festival, and my parents brought us back one from their trip to Alaska (although the ornament is from Seattle, which is where they stayed the first night.).

Memories...that is what life is all about! Making good ones, that will last.

"I thank my God for the constant memory of you." Philippians 1:3

So many balloons!

Natalee enjoying her 1st funnel cake!

I LOVE this picture...and this little girl!

October 2011

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