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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Legacy Continues...

I grew up with a family who loved the outdoors. My dad always had the best lawn and an even better garden. My brother and I played on bikes, roller bladed and jumped on the trampoline for hours on end. We built forts and had great adventures. The sprinkler and water guns were considered the best of days. As we grew, camping became one of my families favorite things to do. Every year we would go on two week vacationsto a new state and stay in a pop-up camper. When we first started, we started in a tent.

I remember when my parents bought our first pop-up. It was UH-may-Zing! Looking back on it, it was SO tiny and in all reality was barely better than our tent! LOL My brother and I were so excited. We had a BED. There was a stove and an ice box, oh yea, we were awesome. We would travel all over stopping in 2 and sometimes 3 different states along the way.

Memories. I have so many of them. Now, if you really know my family, you also know that each of these 'memories' are also filled with "the Parker luck," as it has since been named. I promise I am going to write a book about our best worst vacations. We would venture out to the great beyond, and low and behold SOMETHING would go wrong. Skunks, no electricity, diarrhea, spiders, drowning in the Yellowstone River, can't decide on a spot, sausage and cheese at 4 am, Godzilla in the back seat with you...I will save these for another day. We really have had the best worst  vacations, I think we deserve an award. In the end, those memories (besides making me rich from a best selling book) are so dear to my heart and I wouldn't trade them for the world. We now, while sitting in my parents fifth wheel, love to talk about all the bad luck we had...and it usually ends in tears from the laughter it brings.
When I met Jeremy, he had never really been camping before. I was so pleased to find out that he loved it though. We quickly bought a tent and even spent our first anniversary (14 days) camping in Colorado. We love meeting up with my family on memorial day...or any day for that matter. When we found out we were pregnant with Natalee, we could not wait to start our own memories, hopefully without the 'Parker luck,' with her. She went on her first camping trip at five months old. Tent; check...playpen; check...a million other baby things; check. We had a blast. Since then, we've been camping lots of times, not near as much as we'd like (stinkin' jobs!), and have enjoyed it every time.

Ok, enough with the blah blah blah. We bought a camper!! We are SO excited! Here's the scoop; Since having the boys, we realized we immediately outgrew our tent. The thought of not being able to go camping was killing me! We have been looking on and off for about a year now on craigslist, trying to snag up a great deal on a used pop-up. While feeding the babies at 2:30 am, I decided to look again. Sure enough, before my eyes, a beautiful 1988 pop-up camper for sale...AND in our price range! I quickly told Jeremy about it, and we decided to call the next morning and see if we could go and look at it. When we called, the owner thought he had it sold. The other people were coming to look at it at one, but he told us to feel free to call back around that time, in case they decided against it. My heart was broken...laying in pieces on the floor. 12:30 came, 12:45, 1:00....ok Jeremy, CALL!! He called to hear the man say that they never showed up and that if we wanted to come and look to come on out! You didn't have to tell us twice!
We pulled into their drive way, and I was so excited. It has a heater and an air conditioner (most of the others I had seen on CL did not have an AC). It had a luggage rack, perfect for luggage (duh) or bikes later down the road. The canopy was in really good condition, especially considering it is 24 years old! The interior, well, it is from the 80's, but I am always up for a good decorating challenge. It also has a toilet and shower! Can you say "potty training days made easier/rinse off all the nasty mud before crawling into bed off those stinky children?" I thought you could. SOLD! I am so excited to continue the legacy of camping with our children. Not only that, but I am excited because I know we can now afford to go on vacation this year! LOL Camping is SO much cheaper than a hotel stay! Anyway, ignore what the inside looks like, it will be completely transformed...and I will make sure to share pictures along the way. :)
So there you have it folks. Our glorious 24 year old treasure. I can't wait to make our own best worst vacation memories.


  1. Oooh la la!! You are a lucky gal! I'd love to have a camper like this one day!

    1. Stalk Craigslist!!! LOL We really lucked out! It is in great shape, especially for how hold it is!