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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Clayton Lake

As some of you may have read in another post, we bought a pop up camper! It's a 1988 model, yes, we are cool like that. We are in the process of re-doing the inside to update it. We are in LOVE and can't wait to take it on vacation next year! Here is what we have gotten done thus far!
The curtains are getting a much more updated look! I have only gotten one done so far, only NINE more to go! Oh boy...but man, they look cute!
The 1980's country blue striped cushion got a new cover! My favorite color is green and the bedding I bought for the camper has this same color in some of the print!
A little before and after of the cabinets. Nothing says new and updated like fresh and clean white. It really brightens the camper up a lot! I also spray painted the brass knobs to a nice chocolate brown, but forgot to take a picture of that part. :)
A before and after of the cushion. Yay for new! It's amazing what a $7 tablecloth can do! I love buying shower curtains and tablecloths as fabrics for large projects. SO much cheaper! This was my first time to sew a bench seat. I am very proud of the finished project. :)
Another shot of all the cabinets and dresser drawers being painted.

Even though our camper isn't completely updated and ready to go just yet, we wanted to take it out one time before it got too cold. We went with my parents to Clayton Lake in New Mexico. As a kid, we would go to Clayton Lake all the time. We loved it there. The lake is so low now, but it is still one of my favorite little spots. We had a great time. Natalee was SUPER excited to sleep in her "new tamper, with her baby brudders." Quite frankly, mommy and daddy were just as excited! My parents have a fifth wheel, so we knew this would be the perfect opportunity to take our camper out, and have a back up just in case something went wrong. We are glad they were there. The heater would not work. We couldn't get the pilot light to light, and then when it finally did, it wasn't tall enough to reach the gas (or something like that). The man we bought it from also failed to mention that there was no hot water heater, so we had no hot water either. A trip to town and one electric heater later, we were able to sleep in our own camper and stay nice and toasty. My dad said that a new water heater shouldn't be much money, so we are still very happy about our purchase. We really enjoyed the weekend, and didn't want to go home.
Daddy and Natalee (with her princess crown on backwards) flying kites.
Barrett decided he wanted in on the kite flying.

Our family. I know that I look horrid amazing, don't be jealous. ;)
My sweet duck babies on their first camping trip and first out of state trip....almost 3 months old.
Fishing with Grams and Grumps.
Big smiles for camping cupcakes!
Daddy and Natalee on one of our hikes.
We took Natalee to see the dinosaur tracks. She wasn't impressed, and wanted to know where the "real dinosaurs" were. LOL
Natalee and Grumps. I am pretty sure there is this exact picture somewhere of my daddy and I. :)
Smore Smiles...who wouldn't smile...I said SMORES!
Roasting our marshmellows...and jumbo kind!

We love camping. We love the outdoors. We love our God who created it all. We can't wait to go on more trips. Happy campers, all around!

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