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Monday, August 6, 2012

One Week

The boys are one week old today. :) They are doing very well and are still in the NICU. We are hoping to go home very soon.
Barrett (left) Aiden (right)
Back tracking a bit...bear with me:
August 2nd:
Aiden is off of the IV now and has been breast feeding since 2am! He is maintaining his own body temperature the majority of the time. Barrett will have his IV removed at 2:30am, as long as his blood sugar poke comes back all right. He has also been breast feeding since 2am and is maintaining his own body temperature as well. The boys have to breast feed well for 24 hours straight, and then they will get the feeding tubes in their noses removed. The main thing we are needing prayer about is for them to gain weight. So far, they have both lost weight, which is normal, but is scary with them being preemie, and already tiny to begin with. Aiden is down to 4 pounds 1 ounce and Barrett is down to 4 pounds 8 ounces (down from 4 lbs 6 oz and 5 lbs 2 oz).
August 3rd:
Barrett got his IV removed! Both boys GAINED weight tonight!! They are both looking a little jaundice, Aiden is currently under the lights, and Barrett will be following shortly! I started running a fever, so my doctor is keeping me another night to watch for infection. I am so grateful that I don't have to leave my babies yet. I am dreading the day that this happens and am praying they will come home when I do. They are checking for a UTI and doing some blood work. My doctor will be back on duty in a couple hours, so they are going to wait and see what she wants to do.
I am getting released from my postpartum suite, and am getting moved into a normal room. In other words, I don't have to go home! The boys are doing so well that the nurses are going to go ahead and give me this room so I can continue to breast feed them through the night/day without having to worry about driving back and forth to the hospital from our home. God again is faithful. They only let you have a room like this if they feel that your baby/ies will be released soon. Praying for that day to come quickly! :) I am feeling so blessed to know that I will not have to leave my babies. Thank you Lord for answered prayer.
We also finalized their middle names. This has been such a challenge for us. We couldn't decide whether to name them after family members...and then didn't want feelings hurt if your name wasn't chosen. I kind of want matching middle names, since their first names don't match . I have a lot of men in my life that are important and have had a huge impact on my life. Long story short...it was SO hard to choose. We ended up choosing a family name from each side of our families. Without further hesitation....introducing:
Andrew is my brother's name (John Andrew, but we call him Drew). Andrew also means "strong" which is the same definition as Brian, which is my dads name. Andrew is also my grandfather's fathers middle name (Clifford Andrew). So, one name covered three different people. Arthur is Jeremy's grandfathers name. He has been the only consistent man in my husbands life, so this name is very important to him.
We had three names picked out; Andrew, Arthur and James. James is my grandads' name. We just couldn't make a decision...so we put the names in a cup and drew the best two out of three. I love the names, and ended up getting my matching names after all; both start with "A" and both are six letters long.
Aiden saying, "I'm number one...no really, I was born first."
August 5th:
Both boys are off of the jaundice lights now! They had their first sponge baths and are in their first little onesies. :) The feeding tubes were removed yesterday! I love seeing their sweet faces without any tubes! They are now doing a trial run for the "big boy cribs," the last cribs they have to be moved into before we are sent home. They have to maintain their own body heat in an open crib before they can go home. The first cribs they were in maintained the body temperature for them completely. The cribs they are in now have maintained what they haven't been able to do. So, if they were maintaining 80%, the bed would cover the other 20%. The last crib is just an open crib. The boys will have to do all the work themselves. This is vital to us being sent home. They have to maintain for a full 24 hours before this "test" is passed. So, this could take a day or it could take several.
August 6th:
You guys are one week old today! What a rush it has been. Your short little lives have been filled with pokes and nurses and doctors galore. It has also been filled with love and cuddles and hugs and kisses. Prayers have been spoken, people have visited. Presents have been delivered. One week. It has gone by so fast and so slow all at the same time. Everyone loves you. You both gained weight today, happy one week to me!You are the sweetest boys my eyes have ever seen. We are so blessed to have you here and on track to going home.
Good and perfect indeed...


  1. wow! beautiful boys! sure glad you posted all of this - I was wondering how it all went - what do you need?

    1. Thank you! I am definitely in love! :) Diapers and wipes go like candy around here, so that is always a good thing to get. :)