Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Month

One month oId! I can't believe it! You guys are still so tiny and cuddly! It's hard to believe that you really should still be in my tummy for another two weeks at this point.
You are the more strong-willed thus far. You are much more demanding and are also stronger. You can lift your head and turn it from side to side. You can stretch your legs out stiff and push off to stand. When you cry, you immediately turn 50 shades of red. I think you will have some what of a temper. You are very alert and are awake much more than your brother. You are nosey and curious and remind me a lot of your sister. When I am trying to take pictures, you are never asleep (also something your sister did). You still don't weigh five pounds yet, but we are working on that. You poop like a man. You sleep 4-5 hour stretches at night. Barrett is usually the one that wakes up crying to eat, and you would just sleep right on through it seems. Breast feeding is going well, and when you have formula, you eat 2 ounces. You eat every 3 hours and 4 to 5 stretches at night. You are still wearing preemie clothes and we are still having to fold down the newborn size diaper so it will fit you. You have the LONGest fingers and arms. Although the preemie clothes are big on you, they are always short in the arms. :)You are sweet and adorable and are so loved.

You are SO laid back. You hardly ever make a noise. You are always sleeping, no matter what crazy position I lay you in. At night, you wake up crying and wanting to eat first, this is the only thing that goes against your "I don't care" attitude. You love having your back rubbed. You are such a cuddle baby. You also poop like a man. Your daddy and I say that you are starting to feel like an actual baby now...so I think your weight may be above five pounds now. You are asleep in almost every picture I take. You love when I wash your hair. You like to lay next to your brother and don't care that he is kicking you all over...I guess you got used to that in the womb. Your name means "bear," we say that you are hibernating. You are also breast feeding well, and when you have formula, you eat 2 ounces. When you wake at night, it has usually been about four hours since the last feeding. This makes mommy very happy. You eat every 3-3/12 hours during the day, and 4 to 5 hours at night. You are still wearing preemie clothes and we are still having to fold down the newborn size diaper so it will fit you. The preemie clothes fit you pretty perfect, but some of them don't fit right in the shoulders. My guess is that you have a longer torso. You are pretty much a noodle and do as little as possible. You are sweet and adorable and are so loved.

I am adjusting quickly to having three children. Wow...THREE! I am not overly tired, but can feel overwhelmed quickly. I love watching Natalee interact with you, although I am very nervous for her to be around you alone. Our friends are still bringing us meals every other day, so that has made this transition a lot easier. I was able to go to the grocery store (first time in almost three months). I have made a few trips here and there without you guys, but have spent the majority of the time in pj's cuddling my babies. Some times I feel sad knowing that you are my last babies...but then I try to think of having any more...and feel happy again. I love that both of you are so tiny and love to cuddle. Natalee wasn't much of a cuddle baby. I am 9 pounds lighter than when I became pregnant with you. Thank you breast feeding and working metabolism. My stomach doesn't look it though...and probably never will. I love that my c-section scar is pretty much non-existent...if it weren't so low down, I'd post a picture. My favorite time is bath time, just as it was with Natalee. I love me some good smelling babies. I am feeling great.

You started back at the Boys Ranch day care with your daddy today. Although I am sad to not have you here, I know that you are having a blast making friends and playing and eating lunch with daddy. This is also allowing me to sleep when your brothers sleep, something that can't be done when you have a two and a half year old. I got up at 11:30 today, besides the 8:30 feeding. It was nice to just sleep. You are only going to BR two days a week, but as the boys get bigger, I will switch it back to one day a week. You love kissing your brothers...like all the time. You are very worried that they are "poopy," and make sure to tell me every time to change their diapers. You love it when they hold on to your hand. You always say, "He's holding my hand!!" You like to play in the floor with them. You look SO big, it makes me cry. You are adjusting well, but have been throwing more fits here lately...understandable...I think we all have. :) You still love your princess stuff and are now obsessed with "weddings" and "getting married." You say that when you grow up, you will marry your daddy...a little dysfunctional, but I am ok with that as of now. You are playing in your room a lot and love to play in the pool. Pink ice cream has been a summer time favorite. You found the markers while mommy was feeding your brothers, the picture below explains it all. You are sweet and adorable and are loved.


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  1. Ah Natalee is so cute in her little crown!It's good to hear you are adjusting quickly! Man I can't imagine having three! It's so hard with two but we are slowly still adjusting)