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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home

August 7th:
The boys ended up losing weight, so we had to hold off one more day on the "open crib challenge." Aiden now weighs a tiny 3 pounds 15 ounces and Barrett weighs 4 pounds 7 ounces. They are just so tiny, it is unreal. They have since passed the open crib challenge and will also be doing the car seat challenge today. This is the final test and if it is passed, we should be able to go home tomorrow. :) The car seat challenge lasts two hours long. They have to sit in their car seats all buckled up and ready to go and be able to breath right during the duration of the test. If their little necks fall forward, they won't be able to pick them back up. I am praying that both pass it or both fail it. I cannot stand the thought of only bringing one baby home tomorrow. I am sure they will do fine and all the nurses have said the same thing.
They just look like little dolls!
Barrett on the left, Aiden on the right!

They ended up passing the car seat challenge with no problems at all! As long as they maintain their temperatures all during the night, we get to go home tomorrow for sure! Come on 98.6!! I cannot wait to get out of here and take them home!

August 8th:
The boys did great throughout the night! We are going HOME! We are getting released today! Praise the Lord! I am so thankful for answered prayers. I cannot wait to get my whole family together, at our home, in one place. I have definitely missed my home. All of the nurses have been so good to us and our babies. I have grown close to a couple of them and will actually miss seeing them. I am going to have to bring the boys up for a visit.
These little outfits were HUGE on my babies! They are newborn in size and the little shorts were rolled up three times...and still huge! The polos say "Captain Adorable" and have an anchor on it...perfect for my little pirate boys. I can't believe we are about to go home. A new chapter in the Glover house is about to take flight. So many emotions, so little time! Get ready for picture over load...hey, at least I gave you a warning!

Ok, that wasn't too bad for pictures...I am tired of uploading at the moment! :)
Natalee was so excited to get to actually "see" her brothers for the first time at home, no wires, no robes, no nurses...just brothers. She sat and stared at them for a long while, while talking a million miles a minute. She loves when they "hold her hand" and she is always giving them kisses. She really is super cute. She wants to hold Aiden first every time. She doesn't like to share her brothers with any visitors, and makes sure every one understands that. I can't wait to see them grow (but not too fast, these are my last babies). It is such an amazing feeling to be home. We are blessed.


  1. Aw, so so so so tiny!!! I cannot imagine bringing two home! You must feel so blessed! Hope your first weeks at home go well, all the best!

    1. Thank you! :) Hope everything is going well on your end too!! New babies are fun!