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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Murder She Wrote

Yes, for those of you keeping up with my blog, I am playing catch up! This didn't just happen yesterday or last week for that matter! The point is, it DID happen and I AM documenting it. Let's get our priorities right here people.
So our super fun Sunday school class (no that's not our official name) threw a Murder Mystery party! What is that you may ask? Well, I can't tell you...it's a mystery! Ok, no, really...I can't tell you...I was so confused the WHOLE time! But I had a blast, doing whatever it is that we did! It gave us all an excuse to get together, dressed ridiculously I might add, and hang out. That is what we do best! It was something I have never done before, and even 'outgoing' me, even felt a little out of my comfort zone....I know...that never happens! Jeremy and I were "Gambling Jack" and "Annabell." He liked to well, gamble...and I liked him to win! We had lots of money, so it was definitely an ACT! LOL People were flirting, cheating, winning, losing, dying...I mean this party had it ALL!
In the end...I didn't do it...no, really! And neither did "Gambling Jack." It was a fun night, full of mystery indeed!


Gambling Jack & Annabell

The Coldwell's

The Girls

The Guys

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  1. That was a really fun night, even though I was WAY out of my comfort zone too :) Hopefully I will decide to do it again...maybe we will know what the heck we are doing next time. LOL!! Oh! And love the serious pic...too funny!!!