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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It Can't Be...

Well, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I am still in shock that it is the middle of November. Every year I end up asking myself, "How did that happen so fast?" Every year, I think it gets faster. The fast approaching "holiday season" always gets to me! I realize that another year has almost come and gone, that there is still so much left to do before the year is over, and that my baby will be another year older very soon! That is a lot to take in at the end of the year. I love the "holiday season." It means family, food, holiday cheer...what's not to love? It seems like the end of the year flies by quicker than the rest. You have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Natalee's birthday....I guess there is just something "big" to look forward to at the end of each of these months. I just still can't believe it's November!

On another note, Natalee is still super cute! ;) I am still SO in love with my 'new boss' and my new job! I am so grateful for the opportunity to stay at home. With the cold weather and winter season coming up, I can't wait for jammie days! Natalee loves to color, play with her babies, and watch Backyardigans. She loves the little owl family that we bought her, and loves to read too. These are some of the activities we do every day. I love all the little crafts we have made, and even more...the memories we are making. Just the other day, we made pumpkin-shaped grilled cheeses to go with our tomato soup! Another fun fact...she LOVES soup!

Perfect on a cold day!

Pumpkin-Shaped Grilled Cheese...
although it just looks like a circle here! :)

KG Photography is really taking off! I've had a lot of people interested in photo shoots for the Christmas season. I am excited for the opportunity to take family photos. I really do enjoy it so much. I hope to, one day, go back to school for photography...you know....get some more initials behind my name so I can be even more cool! I would love to learn more on the photo shop program, and I know that AC offers classes just on that! How exciting. First things first...to have the money to do it. That may be a good thing. Here are a few photos from recent shoots:

Engagement Photo Shoot!

Stevenson Wedding!

Sibling Photo Shoot!

Well...I have rambled on long enough now, I am pretty sure there are about a million things I SHOULD be doing right now....but this was way more fun.


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