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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our little lady is FOUR!

Natalee Grace,

 You are four and your mommy is still in denial. You are one of the highlights to each and every one of my days. You, four years ago today, gave me the most important title of "mommy." I love that I get to wake up to you every day and tuck you in each evening, if I beat your daddy to it. You have given us so much joy and we are so thankful to God for you.

We made sure to kick off your 4th birthday in true party colors. While you were sleeping, daddy and I snuck in and hung streamers and balloons all over your room and threw some balloons on the floor as well. We were trying so hard to not wake you up and were so excited to hear your response when you woke the next morning. We were successful and you snoozed right through the decorating. :) When you woke, you ran to our room, exclaiming, "Someone decorated for my birthday!! Was it you? Did you do that? When?!" We loved that you loved it. You are so special to us and we love to show you that you are.
Daddy went to The Donut Stop and brought you back a pink one. We enjoyed talking about what being a four year old would mean and what new things you may be able to do this next year. Mommy also made you a ladybug shirt that you got to open and wear to church. You were super proud and love all things ladybug.
Off to church we went and you loved all of the extra hugs and birthday wishes that you received while there. After church, we let you pick a restaurant to go to and you picked Fazzolis. You LOVE alfredo. :) We rounded up a few friends from church who could also join in on the birthday celebration. You got to sit at the "kid table" and felt SO proud. You ordered alfredo, with the long noodles (your words) and ate every last bite.
We ended your day with a trip to the bakery to get a cupcake. You, of course, picked a pink one with sprinkles and a strawberry on top. We stuck candles in both your donut this morning and your cupcake this evening. We love our little December baby and are so blessed by you, daily.
At 4 years of age you can;
-count to 50
-write your name
-swing by yourself
-sing any song
-recognize all letters
-drink from a cup
-make your bed
-play together with friends
-use your imagination
-color in the lines, mostly
-recite the directions on how to get to our house (we put it to a song)
-dance the best ballet
-play board games (you love candyland and hi-ho cherrio)
-jump on the trampoline
-recite your address
-recite your birth date
-sit still long enough to go to the movie theater
-put your shoes on the right feet
-wash your body in the tub
-play with your brothers
-eat with a spoon or a fork with all foods
-recite the days of the week
-recite the months of the year
-suck your thumb (while holding your ladybug blanket)
-use your manners

I am sure there is much more. You are one smart cookie. I love you so much, baby doll and cannot wait to see what the next year holds for you, my dear.

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