Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Three no more!

Well, she has done it! Her 4th birthday will be in the morning. Four seems SO big. Of course, I say that every year, with every number. Every year, I have taken a picture of me rocking her the night before her birthday. I cry every time. I love looking at the four pictures of this pose that I have and remembering all of the rocking that has taken place. No, we don't rock every night like we used to, that has now been replaced with sitting on her toddler bed, reading bedtime stories, but the cuddling is still there. I love her. So, here is the newest picture to add to the ever growing collage...and one of us kissing, because I needed three year old smooches one. last. time.
Happy last night as a three year old, sweet girl. When you wake in the morning, FOUR will be here and I am sure your mommy will cry again.

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