Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, September 7, 2012


Twenty-Nine....suddenly fifty doesn't seem old anymore! That's right, today is my birthday. I couldn't be more happy with my life right now. Yes, it can be psycho a little hectic, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.
For my birthday this year, my husband planned a dinner out. He found the babysitter and just told me when to be ready. For a mommy of three, two of them newborn, ANY time out with JUST my husband is a lot to be thankful for. Peace. And. Quiet. What a great gift.
 We went to my favorite restaurant, La Pescarez. It is an Uh-MAY-zing Italian food restaurant. Low light. Friday night live music. Free twisted bread sticks. Artichokes. Yes, I loved every minute of it. We only had a sitter from 6-7:30. Our great friends Chris and Kaylee got suckered asked to watch our kiddos. Finding a sitter is hard in general. Finding a sitter who is willing to watch our 2 1/2 year old + 2 six week olds, well, let's just say that we are SO thankful for amazing friends. We owe them big time when they bring a sweet little baby into this world. Chris and Kaylee were going to a movie, which started at 7:45. My husband and I enjoyed uninterrupted talk. A meal with no crying. An environment that I didn't have to clean. It was so nice and so quick. I really wasn't ready to leave when our time was up. We spent some of the evening talking about birthdays past. I have been with Jeremy for seven of his birthdays. I can't believe that. After eating our favorite, the Italian Special, and stuffing my face barely eating any bread sticks, we were back in the car, ready to get back to our normal routine.
We talked the whole way home, enjoying our last moments of silence.
We pull into the drive way and head into the house. The front door is shut and the only lights visible are the lamps in the living room. I think to myself, "I bet the kiddos are in bed." We go inside.

There are streamers, cupcakes, decorations (zebra printed and all) and best of all FRIENDS!! Jeremy had successfully set up a surprise party. I was indeed surprised! I had no clue that any of that was going down. They parked all down our street. Chris and Kaylee really didn't have a movie to go to. Jeremy had made 34 cupcakes and an individual cake and iced them all, and they were hiding in the oven.
It was such a great time!! I have been so blessed in my 29 years on this earth. I have a great family, amazing friends and so much more to be thankful for!
Speaking of great friends, here is my bestie, Mary. I can't believe she kept the secret from me! I wish I would have gotten a group shot!! I am loving my crazy little life right now. Happy Birthday to me! Here's to another year.


  1. Ahhh! I do have some more pictures from your party that I forgot to get to you! I hate that I forgot before you posted this! Anywho...so glad we are blessed with your friendship and that we could come celebrate with you. And hated that we had to ditch out early!! (dang you Madison)Lol!! Love you bunches!

    1. Email them to me, and I can still upload them! Love you too!!