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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, December 31, 2010


The Glover's 12/31/10

Natalee giving her baby a drink of her bottle!

She LOVES her baby!!
Wow, I can't believe that another year has come and gone! The Glover household has SO much to be thankful for! Here is the top TEN list of thankfulness for the year 20TEN!
  1. Natalee Grace is now ONE! We've made it through the 1st year of parenting!
  2. Jeremy and I are STILL happily married!
  3. We have a house...and nice things!
  4. God's grace covered all my sins this year!
  5. We found a new church home that we love and are involved in!
  6. Jeremy graduated with his bachelors AND landed a job at Boys Ranch in the same week.
  7. We are debt free (minus our home, car, and student loans)
  8. We never went hungry (that's obvious with the gym membership I'm about to start)
  9. I work WITH my daughter...in her classroom...at the mother's day out!
10. We have great friends, family, and fellowship!

Thank you LORD for the year of 2010! There is so much more to be thankful for...but I only have so much time! I pray that the year 2011 will be just as great! I know that there are a lot of things that I am looking to change...and no, I don't mean "New Year's Resolution" style...I mean REALLY change! I want to be more focused as a Christian, spend more quality time with those that I love, be more involved in church, and try to be more organized (story of my life!!). Now...I know that this list may sound like resolutions, but in all reality, this is the same list I've been working on for several years now! I know that this year will not be perfect either, but the fact is I'm trying, and I'm aware of what I need to improve on!! So here's to 2011...

We brought in the New Year just as a family! We watched Despicable Me, ordered a pizza, and played upstairs in our family room for the evening. We love that room...it's probably one of the favorites in our house.

"Do not (earnestly) remember the former things; neither consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing!" Isaiah 43:18-19


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